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  • @_orchid_, that’s really reassuring. This pregnancy is so vastly different than my son and it feels like the first time all over again. I slept the best I’ve slept in years last night and woke up without any pain so of course my brain was immediately like...something is wrong. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

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  • @AKuzReve agreed! You expect it to be similar but it can be very different. This far along its tough too bc you know some people feel movement, but it's perfectly normal to not feel it also. There's so many different factors that affect it. My pregnancy with ds2 was sooooo different from ds1 (much worse) so I'm just trying to be thankful this one isn't as bad as DS2's and to remind myself that there's such a wide range of what to expect to feel right now. Hope that helps too!!
  • Thanks @_orchid_ and @AKuzReve! I left a message, so we'll see, but even just talking this all through has been a huge help. For me I think it's also because I've started to let my guard down, which scares me since I've been burned before. I had a lot of growing pains last week, which have tapered off this week, but I've noticed that they do tend to come in waves so I wouldn't think too much of it. Kind of like when you work your muscles hard and they hurt for a few days, but then recover after healing/growing. 

    Probably also doesn't help that I'm worried about my cousin (might have joined some weird religious cult?) and a good friend who just lost her mother after her father died in a freak accident a year or two ago, so I have a lot of things weighing on my mind.
  • I'm 19+4 and absolutely YES to the pelvic pain and belly growth spurt. I ended up caving and bought a Belly Bandit support belt hoping it'll help.
    For anyone with anxieties wondering if you should check in with your Ob or MFM, I wouldn't hesitate to call. Either they have you come in and you get reassurance that way or they can tell you over the phone that what you're experiencing is normal. Either way, you can hopefully get some relief from the anxiety. My ObGyn said she'd rather me "annoy" her/her nurse with a million phone calls for normal stuff than have something going on and me NOT call when it's something actually concerning.
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  • @ramfam2507 I was swelling up a few weeks ago and I found that eating a banana and drinking a lot of water helped me some. Hope your swelling goes down.

    sounds like a lot of people have acid reflux and heartburn. It is hitting me too. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with it.
  • @akoros @AKuzReve just wanted to check in and see how you both are feeling today ♥️
    Also, since it seemed we went through the uncomfortable growing week at the same time, are you both starving again? Yesterday I had two lunches and I'm so hungry already today 😂
  • Thank you for checking in, @_orchid_! Doing better, still nervous but slowly calming down (I sent a message my OB, but they just said to not worry and there's nothing concerning). Yesterday I felt some small bubbles down near my bikini line, which were probably gas (I was really gassy yesterday), but I'm telling myself it's something else to help me feel better. Did feel a bit different from gas (smaller, different place, no pain/discomfort, wasn't swiftly followed by a fart), so for now I'm just hanging on to that.

    Not feeling too extra hungry (from my normal of late, that is), but that could be because I was bloated/gassy and have started working out so everything hurts. I also lose my appetite when I'm stressed. That said, I do usually have a few "hungry days" in between growth periods, so I'm sure it's coming!
  • @akoros glad you are feeling a bit better! Fwiw early baby movement always feel like gas to me, so it's entirely possible that's what you felt!! 
  • @_orchid_ That's what I'd read, which is why I'm choosing to believe it's movement. Might not have been, but I need the positive thought!
  • @_orchid_, thank you for asking. Still no change but last night my stomach was super hard so I decided to be excited about that. I’m still super anxious but I’m just going to try to make it to my Tuesday appointment. I think it was Monday, I had like 2 extra lunches 🤣. I was starving. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @ramzlau i feel this! I had meetings back-to-back this afternoon and I was huffing and puffing from talking! People probably thought I just ran a marathon or something lol 
  • @ramzlau I feel ya on the breathing hard. I go up our flight of stairs in our house or at work or bend over and im out of breathe lol its getting tougher. 
  • @wendy838 that is me! I have live classes every afternoon and I'm always out of breath just sitting and talking with students. I'm always wondering if their parents are listening and thinking "WTF is she always completely out of breath" LOL
  • @ramzlau, haha this is me too. Especially after carrying DS down the stairs (he’s like 25 lbs) and if I don’t go slowly. I also have asthma but I haven’t used a puffer in ages (FFSC: I don’t even have any with me 😬😬) and I can kind of feel it making it worse. Breathing is hard! Haha. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • I’m on the breathing hard train too. I hate to tell everyone but it doesn’t get easier as the baby gets bigger haha
  • Our bathrooms are on the basement and upper floors, while I work on the main floor. This means a lot of muting my phone during meetings while I catch my breath. The one good thing about being out of breath is that it makes me feel like I'm extra out of shape and scares me into working out more. I'm not saying these workouts are that intense, but still more than I was doing. 
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