HDBD 01/27 — The Bump
June 2021 Moms

HDBD 01/27

Lets see those baby bumps ladies! ❤️ 

Re: HDBD 01/27

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  • @mamakate2011, I had the same thoughts. My bump got huge from last week to this week. 😳

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @mamakate2011 I am also on baby 4 but I haven’t popped yet. I’m still 18 weeks but it looks like my time is coming! 
  • @mamakate2011 - I usually grow in spurts like that too. But could be a combination of things, like a huge dinner or not having pooped in a few days. You look lovely!
  • @akoros I love my popsocket! My hand is just a little too small to be able to comfortably hold my phone at certain angles.

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  • @DoubleUp8 I think his prior perception was that "all the ladies have them because, 'omg, they're soooooo cute!!1!!'". Which, they are, but then I explained that the real reason is because phones are sized for big manly hands, not my small lady hands, so I need help to keep from constantly dropping my phone. He shut up after that. I've definitely dropped my phone less!
  • @ramfam2507 your shirt looks soo cute. What does it say? I cant see it. I love Disney stuff haha 
  • @ramfam2507 Disney snacks are life!
  • @kfc1983 look at you, girl!!! So cute - rocking those heels!! 
    @marebear15 - lol! It's definitely not the big meal thing or being backed up. I wake up looking like this! I definitely get the basketball belly when pregnant, I think I'm just surprised at just how much I grew in such a little amount of time. I take weekly belly pics with a black tank on that my hubby takes - but I have never done a bathroom selfie side to side and I think it's was just like BAM! Hahahaha!
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