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Fetal Non-stress Test?

Apparently, based on age and weight, I'm going to be getting these twice a week starting 36 weeks. What can I expect?

Re: Fetal Non-stress Test?

  • I had to go every week after 32 weeks with my last pregnancy. I was asked to sit on a lounge chair with some monitors strapped to my belly. The doctor set the timer for 20 to 30 minutes; can’t quite remember. There’s a little machine that prints something that looks like those polygraphs tests on tv. The doctor will do a quick analysis of the results. If you need more monitoring, they will ask to see you more often. Not necessarily bad, just a precaution. 
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  • Thanks red. 
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  • @kloe818 you get two bands wrapped around your belly, one to track baby’s heart rate and one to monitor contractions. They give you a little clicker to click every time you feel baby move. A doctor looks at everything ten sends you on your way. They’re pretty boring!!
  • I have to have these twice a week for my blood pressure... i know it’s for the best but I’m not looking forward to twice a week treks to the office. 
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  • I don't like that the only reason is my age and weight. I'm healthy otherwise. I'm just apparently elderly. 
  • @kloe818 If it makes you feel any better, all the pregnant women at the clinic I go to have to do a CTG every week after 35 weeks. 
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  • @redselig it helps a little. Thank you. 
  • Ok that was way simple... And helpful hint: don't drink apple cider beforehand. Baby's heart rate was 190 to start but was down to normal range after about 45 minutes. They almost started the induction talk but when I mentioned the cider they chuckled and told me not to do that again. Lesson learned. Will go back Friday with plain water and just a protein breakfast. 
  • @kloe818 so glad they didn't induce but gosh makes me wonder what Teddy's HR is after my Starbucks 😳😬
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  • @princessjenney haha yeah... After that I'm done with sugar for the next few weeks. I didn't realize it was doing that to her. 
  • @princessjenney my Benji's HR has been in the 170s after my morning coffee 😅 his normal is 140s-150s
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    I have been going by 2 cups a day. If I go to Starbucks I get the smallest size... but I still feel guilty 🤦‍♀️ but being pregnant older... I don't think I'd survive without coffee lol
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  • I'm a daily coffee drinker normally, but with chasing around a 13 month old and being 8 months pregnant there's no way I'd make it without some caffeine lol
  • I love my morning coffee... Been decaf for a couple years now. Occasionally I'll do caffeine, but it makes me so wired now it's almost not worth it to me. 
    *Disclaimer: FTM only dealing with husband and 4 cats at the moment. 
  • I tried decaf during my first pregnancy because I wanted to do everything "right" lol. I couldn't stand the taste difference so I went back to regular. I even have the occasional energy drink when not pregnant. It's a guilty indulgence 😅
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