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GTKY Monday 01/25

Ok, we all have something we’re scared of afraid of weither it be spiders or clowns etc.. What is your biggest fear or phobia? Lets here it!

Re: GTKY Monday 01/25

  • Terrified of spiders for sure. Also really, really hate heights.
  • Spiders and heights
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  • Rodents. All rodents. Don't try to tell me that guinea pigs or hamsters or anything like that are cute because no. Although I will say they are less offensive if they don't have tails.

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  • Mine is drowning. I was actually a state-ranked age group swimmer growing up, so it's somewhat ironic, but I think all the time I spent in the pool over-exerting myself and feeling like I couldn't catch my breath maybe contributed to it, lol. Now it has transferred into an irrational fear of DD drowning even though we do not own a pool or frequent any pools. I am getting her swimming lessons this summer to make me feel better about it. 
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  • Mine are heights and drowning in the ocean 🌊 I’m terrified. I even took adult swimming safety lessons but it’s just such a primal fear of open water. 
  • Some what claustrophobic. I can be in elevators, but not a big fan of like a bottom bunk in a bunk bed where the top bunk is so close you can't sit up. Or a really small closet with the door closed. Or a really large crowd where people are crushing in on you. I can only stand it for so long. Now that COVID has happened, not even sure I could do that. :f

    Also related to the crowd, strange people touching me. Like someone sitting/standing next to you on public transit and being pressed against your leg or arm. Again, guessing this will be worse post COVID. :frowning:

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  • Mine is really weird and specific- suffocation. Having my mouth and nose covered, especially involuntarily, sends me into a panic attack. Pandemic life with the masks took a LOT of getting used to.
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  • I have a few specific ones:
    Spiders, clowns, crazy fear of Heights and yes im scared of the dark 😆 I dont mine the evening but im scared of the really pitch black darkness. It's creepy and I dont like being alone in it lol. 
  • Bugs (particularly spiders, bees/wasps, and roaches, though I'm starting to get more appreciative of bumble bees so not as scared of those) and unsafe heights (I'm fine if there's a barrier or something to hold on to).

    @mindyb2019 I get super scared when out in the country/rural area and it's pitch black at night. I hate to go outside when it's that dark, I know something out there is waiting to eat me. 
  • @akoros that's exactly how I feel. Something is just going to jump and eat me out there 😆 
  • @akoros @mindyb2019 you would hate my house. We are in the country, no street lights in my neighborhood. We do have neighbors though and at night we leave flood lights on in the front of our house. 

    I am afraid of snakes, but not if I see them from far enough away. Then I think they are interesting. I don’t like things that can move fast and startle me. Mouse running out from somewhere, terrifying. Snake hiding and I happen upon it, awful. Either of those where I see them from a distance not too bad. 
  • @klj0228 oh man I love snakes 😆 I’ve had them wrapped around my neck and body before lol they don’t bother me at all. 
  • @klj0228 I'd love the house, but not going outside alone after dark. My roommate in college was from the country and thought it was the funniest thing, she loved to take nighttime walks on their property
  • Heights!  And the funny thing is it seems to be getting worse as I get older.  I used to be in the "as long as I'm safely strapped in, its not big deal" crowd but then I started feeling really freaked out anytime I was up in the air like in a gondola or something.  Then a couple years ago I started to have a panic attack in the car when were doing a family vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park and everyone decided we should drive over Trail Ridge Road (if you've never been, lots of steep drop offs with no guard rails).  Its a good think we got some good pics at the top because we will never be going up there again if I'm on the trip!
  • @ellieemc26 I'm the same- used to be able to tolerate heights, but worse as I get older. I have a hard time on bridges and flying bc of it 😳 I was about 20 minutes into a 4 hour flight in my mid-20s the first time the flight fear hit me and had a 4 hr panic attack. Dripping sweat, shaking, ugh. And I fly a lot!! Multiple times a year since I was 7 (parents divorced and dad lives far away).

    Also claustrophobic, but only with stuff touching my body- don't like tight clothes, jewelry, people touching me (except my kids). 
  • I'm scared of being alone. Just the thought of the desert, or space, or the wilderness creeps me out. Even when I'm with a small crowd of people in a remote location, I'm on edge. And fear of heights has definitely gotten worse over the years.
  • Spiders, snakes, I am with a lot of the other ladies on here with that fear. 
  • Clowns. Literally my worst nightmare. 
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  • Sharks. 

    And I was cursed with baby shark. So now my 4yo is obsessed with everything sharks. 

    The flooding has helped some. I can tolerate sharks not feeding on the tv now. 
  • I hate large bodies of water that you can’t see to the bottom.  Not knowing what’s beneath me that could kill me is just not something I can handle.  Big fat nope. 
  • @sgrn18 me too, you won’t see me in the middle of deep waters any time soon. Even boats and cruises make me nervous. 
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