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Weekly Symptoms - Week of 01/24

How far along are you?
How you feeling this week? What’s your symptoms? 

Re: Weekly Symptoms - Week of 01/24

  • 18 weeks. 
    I have been feeling crappy today. Nauseous and tired.  Not like myself at all which I haven’t since being pregnant but even more today. Haha. 

    @wendy838 I actually do enjoy pregnancy the most around this time. You usually have more energy and feel better than first trimester and you don’t have a huge uncomfortable belly yet. 
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  • 19 weeks today 

    I’m irritable and tired. 

    Random shooting pains intermittently

    but new the last 2 days? Heartburn 😞
  • @angelz429 ugh, heartburn.  I’ve had some acid reflux the last few days but no full on heartburn yet.  

    @wendy838 ha, it’s funny your OB said that. I’m also 21+0 was thinking this morning that it was actually just starting to get sort of uncomfortable to do certain things! 😂
  • The RLP is unreal. Im going to bring it up at my appointment on Tuesday
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  • 19 weeks today! 

    I’m actually feeling a little less nauseous. I’m still exhausted, have vivid dreams, lots of hip pain when laying down, and a ton of acid reflux. I’m also having random sharp, shooting pains. I think that I’m feeling the baby more.
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  • mrs_massiemrs_massie member
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    I am 20 + 3 today and feeling relatively good.

    Started feeling some movement about 3 weeks ago, but was still in that phase of not really knowing if it was baby or just my insides. I'm definitely feeing for sure baby now as I had my arm on my stomach a few days ago and felt the kick on my arm too. 

    I had heartburn for a few days in a row, but it went away and I'm hoping it continues to be sporadic and not an everyday thing.

    We had company yesterday and I spent the day cleaning and cooking. By the end of the day, my lower back and hips were just killing me and I felt like I was waddling!

    One symptom I keep forgetting to mention is phlegm and a weird dry cough/cant clear my throat feeling. I've literally had it the last 5 months and I think its the reason I'm still throwing up every once in a while. It feels like I can't clear my throat and sometimes it just makes me gag. Its a bad time to have this symptom because all the COVID questionnaires ask if you have a dry cough. I answer no and then feel like everyone is starring at me while I try to clear my throat.
  • @mrs_massie I’ve had a constant runny nose/congestion/post nasal drip/phlegm since October. I had it with dd too. I always answer no on the covid questionnaire because I know it’s pregnancy related and not covid.
    Me: 38, DH: 37
    Married: 8/10/13
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  • 1 day shy of 18 weeks.

    So far so good, I definitely think the pains I'm feeling are just RLP or general growing pains. When I sit they feel like a dull ache (not terribly different from minor cramps), but when I stand up or stretch I definitely feel that it's more of a muscle/ligament pain. There are also other intermittent pains all around my belly. None are too bad, I'm just paranoid and scared of everything. My main issue right now is nasal congestion. I don't know if this is pregnancy-related, as I always have sinus problems in the winter, but driving me crazy. I don't think it's a cold (or COVID) as it doesn't get worse or better, just some sort of allergy or a reaction to winter (i.e. the cold, dry air). There really isn't much mucus up there, the problem is that whatever is there dries up so I have big, dry-ish clumps that are hard (and painful) to blow out. This is why I'm leaning towards that I'm "allergic to winter". Kept me up most of last night, so now I'm exhausted.

    Bought a pregnancy pillow, and so far I'm a fan. Tried to get one that isn't too huge and somewhat modular since I like using my normal pillow. At a minimum my hips aren't hurting as much, though it's only been one night. 
  • sgrn18sgrn18 member
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    21+4 today

    Definitely on the heartburn train.  Started up pretty bad maybe 3-4 days ago to the point I’m taking tums every night.  

    Even with being in bed all day I feel tired still.  Like the laziness is making me more tired.  I don’t want to nap though because I’m afraid I won’t sleep at night.  I’ve also only gotten up 1-2 times a night to pee instead of my normal 3-4! Win! 

    The medication I’m taking for preterm contractions (preventative at this point) is supposed to relax smooth muscle which also makes my digestive system slower.. so I’m back to every day colace for constipation.  

    Lastly, the gas!! Good lord the gas 😳

  • @akoros I've been having some stuffy nose feelings too, I've been sleeping with a humidifier at night and that has really improved the symptoms for me. Maybe that would help you too?
  • @remi1014 It does help (we have one, I usually use it in the winter). That plus some Flonase usually work pretty well, though last night it just wasn't enough. That said, I was at my parents' over the weekend (without Flonase or a humidifier) so maybe it'll get better now that I'm home
  • Ugh, totally forgot to mention the headaches! I've had one just about every day since last week. Sometimes it gets better if I eat something salty, but that's usually fleeting. The one I have right now isn't terrible, just a nagging ache behind my ear, but still super annoying.
  • 20+1 Woot woot 😁 Officially over half way. Yay! 

    I've been feeling fairly good lately. I've also had alot of headaches daily though which kinda sucks :( My nose had been kinda conjested too and kinda bloody and dry from the cold air lately.  I’ve Also been peeing like crazy through the night. I’m up at night like 3-5 times now :( it’s annoying! Sometimes I still get my dizziness here and there but other then that I feel good.
  • 18+3 (Officially halfway for me)
    I've had a killer headache today, which I'm guessing like @mindyb2019 is because of my awful sinus congestion. Sinus headaches suck.
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  • Ugh....I've been taking my calcium supplement every other day along with some Colace, which has been working well digestion-wise. This morning I wasn't thinking and took it, even though it was an "off" day. I guess constipation will rear its ugly head today. Debating trying a shot of prune juice, but I'm still scared of it. 
  • Last night was rough. I got very little sleep (like an hour or two). I could not lay flat without lots of acid reflux choking me. And my hips were also on fire. I was sitting up in bed most of the night watching tiktok.
    Me: 38, DH: 37
    Married: 8/10/13
    BFP- 12/18/15, D&E- 4/8/16 @ 21w5d- confirmed Thanatophoric Dysplasia
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    BFP- 8/25/18 ~ EDD- 5/9/19 ~ DD born 5/2/20 *Lillian Hazel*
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  • @MelissaMay82 acid reflux was bad for me for ds2, who was also 9lbs, breech, and hugging my stomach by the end. Tums helped, as did limiting liquid intake in the evening. I also slept very inclined (I usually sleep completely flat- no pillow). I hope today's not too tough and tonight you sleep!! 
  • @_orchid_ I had acid reflux pretty bad with dd too but definitely not this early. Tums does nothing for me unfortunately other than very short term relief. It is just miserable. I will have to look into starting on some meds (which I hate to do).
    Me: 38, DH: 37
    Married: 8/10/13
    BFP- 12/18/15, D&E- 4/8/16 @ 21w5d- confirmed Thanatophoric Dysplasia
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    BFP- 8/25/18 ~ EDD- 5/9/19 ~ DD born 5/2/20 *Lillian Hazel*
    BFP- 10/9/20 ~ EDD- 6/21/21

  • @MelissaMay82 I barely had sleep last night too. My hips were killing me and I to keep flipping sides and then ended up on my back for awhile so I could catch some sleep. It was awful. Although I didn't have heartburn.
  • On the acid reflux train too 😭 my throat is burning and I just added another pillow to prop me. I hate sleeping propped 😖
  • 21 + 6 today. Been having tooooons of belly stretching burning type pain the last few days (you may have seen my HDBD complaint about that). It feels too early for that, but it seems like it's easing a bit the last two nights, so I think it was just a crazy growth spurt. But it makes me nervous to get on the scale next week at my appointment. I'm too scared to get on my scale at home. I know I had a big growth spurt sometime in the second trimester with my third baby, and I gained something like 9 pounds in 4 weeks and my doc definitely raised an eyebrow at me, lol!

    Other than that I feel pretty good. But I am experiencing pelvic pain already (like when I put pants on and when Ilift my leg up, ouch!) and I am irritable too, especially at night. I adore my three boys, but sometimes I just wish the whining and arguing could stop! Two of my boys are going to spend the night with my mom today, so I hope to get some work done on the nursery and I also have to move my other kids around in rooms. We have three kids, a 4 bedroom house, but one of the "bedrooms" is really more of an office size and we use it as a playroom since it's right off the kitchen eating area. My oldest is going to move into that room and I hate the idea, but we really have no other choice if we don't want all three of our boys in one room (which I feel like isn't fair to my 9 year old!). Ugg, I'm just starting to feel the stress of everything that has to get done before baby girl gets here!
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  • 20 weeks!

    I’m tired. My tailbone hurts. I have a lot of headaches. I’m so emotional, seeing pregnancy announcements on Facebook makes me cry real tears. Baby is moving a lot. DH felt the baby this morning for the first time. 🥰 I’m really bumping out. My nipple sensitivity has gotten a little better. I’m still nursing DS2 before bed and it’s been super painful when he latches but I think it’s getting a little better. 
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  • @Omie_Wise - I'm still nursing DD2 before bed, and that latch hurts so bad. I'm thinking of completely weaning sometime next week, but I also hate the idea of getting rid of the easiest way to get her to sleep.
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