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Have you tested positive for Covid?

Curious if anyone has tested positive thus far? Has anyone gotten sick with just a regular old cold and it not be Covid? 

I actually surprised I have managed to make it this long without getting it. Even with being careful, mask wearing, hand washing, etc....I still was working (wedding and family photographer) right up through the holidays. A huge number of our friends have all had it since Christmas as well, and my husband has been back to traveling for work since spring.

Thursday evening I started feeling a little congested, which I didn't think was out of the norm because pregnancy makes me congested anyway. Then yesterday I couldn't stop sneezing all day, and was also congested with a runny nose. DS also has a runny nose and sounds congested. Otherwise we are both fine with no other symptoms. Any other winter I would say I have a basic cold and call it a day - I get them every year! Of course now the slightest sniffle and it's automatically Covid. I'm going to wait it out and get tested on Monday, since they don't do test pickup on Sundays at our urgent care anyway, and just see if I get any other symptoms. I feel like everything I always read from the beginning is that cold symptoms, like sneezing or runny nose, isn't a Covid Symptom...but now all of a sudden it is? 

Re: Have you tested positive for Covid?

  • @toesinthesand-2 I haven't personally tested positive for covid but it's my worst fear right now with being pregnant. I haven't even had one test yet and trying to avoid even that as it doesn't sound pleasant from friends lol 

    I've surprised too I've made it this far without it as well. I usually get a seasonal cold each year when the weather here turns cold and I haven't gotten sick at all with a cold since Feb 2020 so almost a year now yay! Im careful and wear my mask everyday and wash my hands and keep my distance. The last week I've had an earache and my nose has been a bit conjested and I have been blowing it alot and I automatically think ahhh COVID!!! I've had many times where I have been conjested last year and figured it was just normal pregnancy and then it goes away so I dont bother getting tested as I dont have a fever or cough. Let's hope I don't get even a cold or flu otherwise my workplace will make me get a test. Good luck to you and I hope your test is negetive. Its hard with covid symptoms as its different for everyone. We had a staff member at my work test positive for covid this week and she got it from her husband. The only reason her husband went in to be tested is because all he had was bad migraine headaches for a couple days that wouldn't go away and then BAM he has covid now. The one thing I hate the most with covid is that every tiny symptom I get now i over think it and worry, where as before I wouldn't even think twice about it. I swear I've become a hypochondriac 😆 *sigh*
  • @mindyb2019 - I usually get a seasonal cold this time of year too...almost like clockwork. So since I really don't go anywhere that was my first thought. Then I got to talking to my best friend and she told me that her Covid started with constant sneezing and a runny nose so that got my wheels turning. But this morning I was hacking up green mucus - which is completely on par for me when I have a cold and it drains into my throat all night while laying down. And every time I blow my nose it's yellow - which is making me feel optimistic it's just a regular old cold. Still, she's adamant that her symptoms were exactly the same with colored snot/mucus as well. 😩 Honestly if it weren't for the fact that we now need negative tests to get back into the US I wouldn't even worry about it....I'd just stay home and stay away from people until it's run it's course. We live abroad for a couple of months every winter for my husband's job and I just don't want to NOT test, and it ends up that we had it, then we are those unfortunate people who get positive test (since you can continue to test positive for a while after) right before we need to return to the US and can't come home as planned.  
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  • My husband tested positive about a month ago. I took both kids and myself to get tested and we were all negative.
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  • I work in healthcare and have been working since the pandemic (some people got furloughed for awhile). And so far *knocks on all the wood* I have not gotten sick. 
  • I really feel like I will get it at some point, no matter how careful I am. Its just unavoidable forever.
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    I tested positive the beginning of November. I was congested also, but I didn’t think much of it because I am congested 90% of the time!! Thanks, allergies! What made me test was I suddenly out of nowhere lost taste and smell - and I definitely was NOT congested enough for that. In the days that followed, I had killer headaches, fatigue and some GI issues. It sounds to me like you are likely in the clear. The CC actually states that runny or stuffy nose is actually less common with both Covid and the flu. It’s such a crappy time because every sniffle and everyone is on the edge of their seat thinking they have Covid. 😭 if your symptoms get worse, I’d get tested but otherwise just monitor! If you lose your taste and smell, you can pretty much guarantee you have it.  

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  • @mamakate2011 - Thanks! I have felt like I'm in the clear and it's just a cold. The whole time everything I read said cold symptoms weren't Covid symptoms...but then of course these days they basically call anything a Covid symptom. Everyone I know who tested positive did lose their taste and smell - at least some. I've still got mine, and so I feel like I'm good. It stinks because we've basically conditioned ourselves to think even the slightest sniffle is Covid when regular sickness just didn't disappear. I'm going to pop over and get a test tomorrow just in case.

    @hollyk224 - It's crazy how some people just don't get it! That being said, my best friend didn't start showing symptoms or test positive until 16 days after her husband. He was out of quarantine and they thought they were all in the clear!

    @mrs_massie - Not gonna lie....I honestly think it's not a matter of if, but when. I'm not a doctor, but I really believe that before it's all said and done most people are going to end up getting it. 

    @remi1014 - I'm super shocked I haven't had it already. I'm not in healthcare, but with my husband traveling (including internationally) and me still having family session and weddings to photograph...I can't believe I didn't get it yet. 
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