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Product Spotlight 01/20: Formula

Hello and welcome to Week 2 of our "Baby Feeding Products" series at Product Spotlight! Last week we discussed breast pumps and accessories, so this week we turn to FORMULA, for when we need a little hand from science to keep our babies fed! (Next week we will discuss bottles to figure out where to put all that pumped breast milk and formula, so hold on to those recommendations if you have them!)

What brand of formula do you use? Any help navigating the three million options of formula types within each brand? Do you transition through different ones as your babies grow? (Note: per my doctor, formulas are very regulated in terms of nutritional setup so you won't choose a WRONG one, but people may have tips on different brands to help with, e.g., colic or gas or certain allergies!) If a family knows they are going to formula feed, what should they have ready beforehand? And if a family does not expect to formula feed, is there anything they may want to know ahead of time or have prepared just in case they do wind up supplementing or using formula?

What about the mechanics of formula-administration? Do you use pre-mixed or powder formula? What's your set-up at home, and what's your set-up on the road in your diaper bag? 

Where and how do you acquire your formula? Do you have a good source for coupons? Certain stores to keep an eye on? Mail-order options? Assistance from medical offices?

Whether you exclusively formula-fed, or supplemented for part or all of your little ones' babyhood, any experience is appreciated! Obviously we are here to support each other with useful info, and are luckily past the tedious "oh no formula bad, only breast" stance from prior mommy wars: there are a thousand reasons why different families use formula, so let's help each other do it in an informed way! Please share!

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Re: Product Spotlight 01/20: Formula

  • My daughter was "finger fed" with pre-mixed formula at the hospital. When we got home, I did a combination of nursing and bottle feeding (mixing formula and breastmilk).

    I think for the first couple of months I used Enfamil "Ready to Feed" formula mixed with breastmilk. 

    Then I started using Costco's powdered formula, and transitioned her to solely formula fed when she was about 5 months old (we also started baby led weaning around this time).

    I think if you are planning to formula feed the Baby Brezza would be a good investment! My daughter preferred her bottles at room temperature once she was 5 or 6 months, so it was very quick to make up a bottle at that point, but I think a Baby Brezza would be a lifesaver in those first few months!

  • We supplemented with generic enfamil from sams club once DD was 6 months old. I was an exclusive pumper so 6 months was my BF goal. Just get her through cold and flu season (she was born in September)

    DS, we eventually ended up on enfamil with WIC. I stopped pumping (exclusively pumped with him too) at 3 months Bc I started medical school 😳
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  • DD started formula pretty early, first mixed with breast milk but then just formula by 8ish weeks. We used Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity. We tried the original (red can) organic earth’s best but DD started to have blood and mucus in her stool. We will used Earth’s Best again.

    @sugarcoateddonut I looked into the baby Brezza formula pro but never ended up buying one. Maybe I will get one this time.

    One thing that I will try to do this time is serve the bottle at room temp. I always heated up DD’s bottle and it became a huge problem. She refused to take a bottle if it was not hot. We even had to buy a car bottle warmer or being a thermos of hot water wherever we went.
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