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Anyone else waiting to try again?

I just experienced my first miscarriage after having 2 healthy pregnancies (son 4 and daughter 2). My husband and I have decided to wait until the fall to try again. Anyone else waiting? 

Re: Anyone else waiting to try again?

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    We've done both. After our first two losses we waited a few months, and in those times and situations we needed that time. But after the third one I wasn't willing to wait (these were not all back to back losses). I was pregnant again within one month. My doctors exact words were "Well, you don't let the grass grow under your feet, do you?"

    That being said, you both need to listen to your hearts and bodies. Grief is not a thing you want to rush or put aside. It is necessary and in some ways a gift. 

    Also, I was in full on shock for the first couple months after we lost our first pregnancy. It took time before I could actually start to process everything.

    That being said, waiting isn't always necessary (ie pregnant again with our rainbow baby, one month later) what someone else needs to grieve properly may be at all unhelpful for you. So, trust yourself and your partner, and talk, A LOT. you got this!
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