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  • @dogmom5 My hands are def swollen but not close to my other pregnancy near the end. I can’t wear my wedding rings but I still fit into my shoes. I used compression socks last time for my feet bc I was hobbling around. That helped!
  • @mc0303 thanks. I might have to do that. I feel like I am feeling swollen while I am sitting working so I wonder if it has something to do with that 
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  • @dogmom5 I had crazy swelling with DS1 in my hands, fingers, legs, and feet. Compression socks and wrist braces while attempting to minimize salt intake seemed to alleviate some of the pain. The swelling in my hands and fingers got so bad that I had carpal tunnel in both wrists until a few weeks after delivery. 
  • @dogmom5 I have had a little bit of swelling in my hands, but not too bad. Sounds like you’re doing what you can to help it. Maybe get up and walk around some while working. Also, try to watch your sodium intake. 
  • Thanks girls. I have been trying to think what I’ve been eating that might be high in sodium. I think I might be sitting too much while working. I got up more today and I felt less swollen so maybe that’s it. I don’t want to be swelling up until delivery because I still have a ways to go 
  • @Omie_Wise i feel so similar with my pregnancy's...I can totally relate to "My body just doesnt feel great" feeling. 
  • @Omie_Wise @mrs_massie Same.  I'm just not right. I'm so happy to be pregnant but I've got no glow.  
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  • @dogmom5 have you tried trying to put your feet up? When I had issues the summer I was pregnant with DS, I propped my feet up on a box under my desk. Since I am working from home this time due to COVID, I try to set up with my laptop on the couch with my feet kicked up for at least an hour a day. Trying to stave off the swelling as long as I can, though I feel like I'm just delaying the inevitable.
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  • @laurad75 @Omie_Wise @mrs_massie physically I feel ok this round - 2.5 years between ds1 pregnancy and ds2's, and 3.75 years between ds2's and this one. That extra year + made a difference. Ds2's pregnancy was really physically tough but mentally ok.  This time, mentally, I'm DONE. We started TTC ds1 in January 2012 and I'm ready for the next phase of my life to begin. I never want to look at an opk or pregnancy test again in my life LOL. 
  • Anyone else really tired all of a sudden?  I've had sooo much energy these past couple weeks and now the past 2-3 days or so im sooo tired and sleepy all the time. I dont get why? I go to bed at a decent time and get 7 hours of sleep + and im still tired and falling asleep at work or on the couch at like 5:30pm. My eyes just feel so heavy and I feel groggy. Is this normal at like almost 20 weeks? 
  • @mindyb2019 Because I feel like I have more energy, I find it is easy to overdue it and be really tired for a day or two. Also make sure you are getting enough to eat, when I start to feel sluggish and I drink water and eat something, I feel so much better again. I think we are getting to the point that we do need a few extra calories because the babies are growing so fast. If those aren’t factors then I would chalk it up to the ebb and flow of pregnancy (and postnatal too). Hormones wreak havoc on our bodies. 
  • @ramzlau thank you for your thoughts. I drink alot of water and oddly enough it's after I eat alot of food or a big lunch etc that im the most sleepy and tired lol so maybe for me it's just my hormones wreaking havoc and making me tired. I hope my energy returns soon. 
  • Add me to the list of people who struggle with pregnancy. It is one of the reasons we will be done after this pregnancy. First trimester is very physically hard on my body, I don’t seem to get the second trimester jolt of energy, instead I am exhausted all the time and have terrible insomnia. I am not someone who glows in pregnancy or absolutely loves it. I am grateful to be pregnant and have DD1 plus this one on the way. I just don’t enjoy the part of getting them here. 

    @mindyb2019 I am always exhausted! Not sure if it’s the insomnia or the fact that I am putting in so many hours at work, but I am tired pretty much all the time. 
  • @sgrn18 one thought I had during a bout of sleeplessness last night. Do you have a pregnancy pillow, one like this one (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTNP4K0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_NrbdGbHEC0N50?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) where your can use not just for sleeping but for different sitting and reclining positions. Maybe sitting in bed with your legs at the same level could be adding to your hip pain? Just a tired mama thought.
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  • @mindyb2019 It kind of comes and goes for me, I'll have a few normal-energy days and then be dead for a day or two. Overall I think I'm still less energetic than normal, but have more energy than the first trimester. 

    Having a decent amount of pain the past couple of days. 99% sure it's just growing pains (sometimes middle of my belly, but often more in the crease where my leg meets my groin/abdomen), but still freaks me out. Particularly the ones today, as they do feel somewhat menstrual-like...but then again my uterus isn't down there anymore
  • @akoros sounds like RLP :/ kinda takes your breath away for a moment or two? Also lightning crotch. I notice it's worse for me on days I don't drink as much or if I overdo it. If sitting down/drinking doesn't help, and you're still feeling heavy cramps or regular waves of cramps over an hour I'd call your Dr, but chances are it's just regular growing pains. 
  • Thanks @_orchid_! They only last maybe a minute or two, then go away. Definitely don't last long and aren't regular/consistent.
  • @DoubleUp8. That’s a good idea.  I have a tiny wedge pillow and body pillow but that’s really it besides regular pillows.  I’ll have to try one! 
  • @DoubleUp8 thanks. I did and it has been better the last few days. :) hopefully it stays that way 
  • I started getting pain today on the upper right side of my stomach right under my ribs.  It started as an occasional pain this morning and has gotten more frequent throughout the day.  Has anyone else experienced pain in this area?  I've called the after hours nurse line and she told me to monitor it and call back if other symptoms come up.  I'm just feeling worried as it seems like an odd place to have pain.
  • @ellieemc26 ouch sorry that’s happening! Hopefully it’s just growing pains. Do you have a blood pressure cuff? 
  • @mc0303 no, but I had an appointment this week and it was normal.  Maybe I could use the one at the grocery store in the morning, the nurse did ask if I had blood pressure issues
  • @ellieemc26 I've had this exact pain underneath my ribs earlier in this pregnancy (like 12-14 weeks) Its not pleasant. I've had it a couple times and haven't had it since. I think it was just growing pains. I hope it goes away for u and that u feel better. 
  • @ellieemc26 worst case would be pre-eclampsia but it’s still pretty early - how many weeks are you? The pre-e can come on very suddenly. It’s hopefully just growing pains or gas. You’re not having headaches or anything? 
  • @mindyb3029 that’s good to hear! hopefully it will just go away.

    @mc0303 I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow, no other symptoms that indicate preeclampsia right now.  Hopefully just growing pains I guess 

  • @ellieemc26 sorry you're having that! Could it be your gallbladder? I've read that sometimes pregnancy can affect that.
  • @_orchid_ that was actually what I was most worried about after doing some googling, it was actually the first thing that pulled up when I looked that up as a pregnancy symptom and what prompted me to call the nurse line.  As of this morning no pains yet so hopefully either way it has passed.  I will definitely mention it to my doc at my next appointment just to be cautious, though.
  • @ellieemc26 FWIW, I brought up those same pains to my OB when I was having them in my first trimester and she didn't seem worried about it at all. She's like yep those are just growing pains its normal. Some women get them and some don't. Everyone is different. Then they went away. I hope the pains stay away for you too. 
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