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Freaking out - How bad is Teavana Tea?

I just found out that I am a little over 4 weeks pregnant after a rough battle with infertility, IVF, etc.  I've never liked tea, but I've cut caffeine and have been drinking Teavana herbal teas instead thinking it was the better option (everything I've read just says, drink tea!).  Now I'm reading about all the ingredients that can cause miscarriage and seeing that it's in every single kind I've gotten.  Chamomile, lemongrass, licorice root, marigold...

I've had three cups today, how worried should I be?  Feeling like an idiot is a massive understatement.

Re: Freaking out - How bad is Teavana Tea?

  • It’s been a bit since I’ve been pregnant, but I don’t think you need to be overly concerned. Just call your OB on Monday to get some guidance on what you can drink going forward. I think they will be able to put your mind at ease! Also I think a lot of the concern about herbal teas is that they aren’t regulated but Teavana wouldn’t be a sketchy kind. 
  • Thank you.  I went down the rabbit hole last night and kept seeing that, "If it were that easy to cause a miscarriage, there would be no abortions." which made a lot of sense.  I think I'm just going to cut tea entirely and go to decaf coffee.  Thank you!!  

    I swear, I've always been a type A, but pregnancy has been a juggernaut in terms of anxiety for me!  
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