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Milestone Concerns

So my first baby (girl) is going to turn 12 months in 2 weeks. She was born 2 months premature. She finally started to crawl about a month ago and it’s more of an army crawl without lifting her hips off the ground. She does not sit up on her own but can sit up very well unsupported if we put her into a sitting position. She also does not really attempt to sit up on her own or pull herself up or anything like that. She also does not really babble at all let alone say any words. She does make other noises, mostly like grunts and moans and screams. She can be very fussy at times (some of this due to teething). But she can also be very happy and content. She laughs a lot and seems generally happy. She is eating food with her hands and learning to drink from a sippy cup. And yes she has been going to a pediatrician for regular checkups. She went last about 3-4 weeks ago and doctor didn’t seem to have any concerns. It’s just like everything I read is saying baby should be walking and talking and doing this and that by 12 months and I just worry for her and want her to be happy and healthy! Am I just overreacting here? Any similar experiences or words or encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you all!

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    Just dropping in to encourage you in general, and encourage you to share your concerns with her pediatrician! It’s their job to help you understand your baby’s health and well-being, and so don’t wait until appointments if you have concerns. Call, email, whatever, but get your concerns addressed! Good luck and wishing you both well!
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    First, let me start by saying you're doing amazing. 2nd, every child is different. The milestones aren't always what the books or blogs say. Both of my boys started walking after 1. My daughter is 9 months and is standing on her own and starting to take steps. If baby is happy and healthy, eventually she will do those things. If you're concerned call her doctor. Anytime. If they can't give you answers or put your mind at ease, then go to someone who can. I switched pediatricians and I've been with my current for 15 years. Your daughter will let you know when she's ready. You got this mom!
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