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Planning around work??

Hi, everyone. I recently had a MMC at 10 weeks. My husband and I both want to TTC as soon as possible, but I have some reservations. Mentally and physically I am ready to try again, but I work at a very small accounting office and the timing could be bad if I do get pregnant in the next few months as I would be due close to or during busy season. I work with my mom and sister and if I were out on maternity leave it would be a big burden on them and everyone at the office. I was just wondering if anyone else would try to plan around work? The thought of waiting until August to try then the possibility of miscarrying again has been causing me a lot of stress since we’re very ready to be parents, but also the thought of what everyone at work will go through if I’m out during tax season makes me feel very guilty. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Planning around work??

  • @ashleyaclark As someone who's had 5 miscarriages in a row, with no living children, and tons of testing that show no promise in me ever having a living baby... I would never in a million years plan my TTCAL journey around work. Never would I plan something so important in my life around a place that would replace me within weeks if something were to happen to me.  Not only that, so you're going to what, wait UNTIL tax season to attempt to conceive your baby, so that if you have another MC you'll be going through that physical and emotional trauma while trying to work at the busiest time? 

    I know special snowflake people who have planned their children, and gotten PG each time within the few month timeframe they set to have them when it works best with their work schedules (teachers who wanted their babies in the summer).  And I am just astounded that it actually worked out for them.  Because keep in mind that the average couple has a 20% chance of conceiving every month.  It can take a regular, healthy couple up to a year to get PG naturally.  And that doesn't include your chances of MC in general, or if you were to go on and have RPL. And who knows what life will even throw at you that's not PG related...

    However, it is YOUR life, so you do what you think is best. 
  • I can understand this from both sides. I can’t speak to your relationship with mom and sister, but I imagine they’d both be so happy for you that they would make it work! These things happen when they happen.   I will require a light duty assignment when/if I am able to become pregnant so the timing matters to me as well for different reasons.  That said, if it were to happen at any time I would be thrilled and would roll with it- and so will you! So, you can do your best, but be flexible! People will most certainly understand. Best of luck!
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