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Measuring 2 weeks behind - anyone else?

I started bleeding this morning and went in for an US. I’m supposed to be 7w4d but I’m measuring 5w2d. They have me scheduled to go back next Thursday to check for any growth but my hopes aren’t high, praying for a miracle though. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the outcome?

Re: Measuring 2 weeks behind - anyone else?

  • Bleeding CAN be completely normal during PG.  Also, are you absolutely positively 100% certain of when you ovulated (i.e. were you temping)?  If not, then you could have just ovulated late and this could be no big deal.  If you are absolutely positive of your exact O date, then it does not look good because a baby measuring over 2 weeks behind is a lot that early on!  However, the only thing you can do is be as healthy as you can, love your baby while you still are PG, and wait to see what happens next week.  And I am SO sorry, because the waiting totally sucks and is an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Unfortunately,  they is very little way to know at this stage.  I have been through this in 3 different scenarios.  With my daughter, I was bleeding and I thought 8 weeks, but measured 5.  I ovulated later than I thought.  With my son, I knew when I ovulated,  I measured about 1.5 weeks behind,  at my follow up ultrasound,  he had caught up and was fine.  I have had 2 other pregnancies not measure where they should, and they both ended in losses. 

    I am sorry you are in limbo, it is a truly awful feeling,  I wish you the best. 
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    @holly321 Thank you for your kind words and response. I have to ask, with your daughter, what was the bleeding like for you? Was it heavy, how long did it last? Etc.
  • @capnjackharkness thank you so much for your response and kind words. I do not know exactly when I ovulated no. I have never used OPKs we usually just BD every other day following the day I see EWCM, and I’ve gotten pregnant each time. So it is possible I ovulated late but what gets me is the day i got my BFP, it was 12/13. Which makes 5ish weeks not make much sense :( also, the bleeding has me concerned. It’s just hard to not know what’s happening.
  • My bleeding with my daughter was bright red, not super heavy, but enough to need a pad.  I literally bleed in every pregnancy.   With my youngest son, it was as heavy as a period at points.
  • *TW*

    I was going through the exact same thing this week but mine has turned out to be a MC. My HCG beta was 2046 on Thursday and only increased by 175 over 48 hours. I've also been having intense cramping and have been spotting/bleeding since shortly after my US this past Wednesday. I should've been 7.5 weeks.
    I hope you get better news than I did. So sorry you're going through this cause it sucks so much.
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