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Let's see how this goes. What old wives tales of pregnancy were true and not true for your older kiddos and this baby (for those who found out gender by now). You can skip things that just didn't/don't apply.
  • Sweet cravings vs acidic/salty 
  • Baby's heart rate greater or lower than 140
  • Chinese gender prediction
  • glowing skin, no acne vs terrible skin and acne
  • full head of hair & heartburn
  • super clumsy during pregnancy
  • More frequent headaches
  • Etc

Re: GTKY 01/12

  • I have boy #3 on the way.

    Almost every single Old Wives Tale said this baby was a girl. My family swears by the pencil test and it has been right for almost everyone in my family after a certain point in pregnancy. At 20 weeks, the test still said girl.
    This baby has had a high heart rate (150s-160s) which I believe is typically girl. 
    I went to the trouble of finding my Chinese age for that gender chart and it said girl too. 
    My youngest said mama before dada which should’ve indicated a girl.

    Those old wives tales are the ones I can remember that I tried. I was so sure we would have a girl because of them. I’m happy to be having a third boy but I definitely needed a few days to
    adjust my thinking on the matter and grieve a little. This is our last baby. We did confirm that we have a little boy on the way at our anatomy scan last Monday. 💙
  • @dlynn484 that’s hard. It was the opposite for us, we have 2 girls and 1 boy and we’re hoping for another boy to balance out the genders in the house. I swear I knew #3 was a boy, and I was right. I had the same feeling with this one, #4. I kept calling the baby ‘him’ and everything. But I was wrong, girl #3 on the way. I know we are lucky to have a mixture. But because I was expecting a boy, and DH wanted another one so badly, it took some adjusting to get used to the idea. My sister has 3 boys and desperately wanted a girl. And I know @lilnessi really wanted a boy because she’s got 3 girls. It’s so hard when you get just one gender. My mil had 4 boys, so I feel like I’m giving her all the girls she never got to have ❤️.

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  • The Chinese Gender prediction chart was correct with my first 3 kids (girl, girl, boy). But it was wrong with this one, it says boy but I’m having a girl. 

    Another thing that has been correct for me is heartburn! With DD1, I had crazy heartburn from like 12 weeks. I ate so many tums and rolaids because I was just in so much heartburn pain! When she was born, she had SO much hair! I’m talking thick hair that was like 2 inches long. My other two babies, I only had some heartburn while pregnant, nothing crazy. And I only went through half a container of Tums. They both had just a little bit of hair, it was noticeable, but nothing compared to their big sister!

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  • we are confirmed to have a boy, but who would've thought based on the below?:
    • Sweet cravings vs acidic/salty SWEET/GIRL
    • Baby's heart rate greater or lower than 140 GREATER/GIRL
    • glowing skin, no acne vs terrible skin and acne TERRIBLE SKIN/GIRL
    • clumsy NOT CLUMSY/GIRL
    for some others i saw:
    prefer sleeping on right side, so GIRL
    nausea not so bad, so BOY

  • FTM and team green over here....but hubby and I were just talking about these last night, so I'll play along!  We both have a feeling it is a girl but still have 19ish weeks to go before we see which of these are "true"

    • Sweet cravings vs acidic/salty---sweet (girl)
    • Baby's heart rate greater or lower than 140---greater (girl)
    • Chinese gender prediction---(boy)
    • glowing skin, no acne vs terrible skin and acne---ugh so many pimples (girl)
    • full head of hair & heartburn--so much heartburn!
    • super clumsy during pregnancy---not really (girl)
    • More frequent headaches---nope (girl)
    Other ones I've heard:
    DH putting on sympathy weight?---nope (boy)
    Extreme morning sickness?--no (boy)
    Moody or mellow?--mellow (boy)
    Prefer sleeping on right side (girl)

  • We are having a boy and I thought it was going to be a girl!

    • Sweet cravings vs acidic/salty GIRL
    • Baby's heart rate greater or lower than 140 GIRL 
    • Chinese gender prediction GIRL
    • glowing skin, no acne vs terrible skin and acne BOY
    • full head of hair & heartburn TBD
    • super clumsy during pregnancy Not so much this time
    • More frequent headaches BOY
    • Nausea GIRL
  • @dlynn484 i can relate. We have 3 girls, and a 4th on the way. I only did the chinese gender chart and it was right for this one but wrong for one of the other girls. It took us some time to adjust to the thought of never having a little boy in the family (this will definitely be our last child), and it makes me sad for all the things i will not be experiencing in having a boy, but things happen for a reason! 

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