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  • @it_is_a_baby aww love your nursery pic. Im wanting elephants for the theme in my nursery too 😁 I like your style and pics. I LOVE elephants. 
  • @it_is_a_baby - Okay, so I'm team blue this time, and I had a pink and gray with elephants nursery the first time around. So I'm going to throw out everything pink and go with greens and blues. I've got to know where you got your wall decor!
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  • I'm curious, has anyone taken the approach of setting up sleeping space in the nursery instead of having baby sleep in their bedroom?  If so, did it work for you and what did you set up?  MH has issues with anxiety that are really aggravated by lack of sleep and he's also a really light sleeper so I was considering this approach as an alternative, I figure no point of torturing him when he won't be able to help feed anyway!  I was looking at getting a futon chair or something similar so it would look normal in the room when not in use.  
  • @ellieemc26 I haven’t done that but a mom in my A17 bump group had a day bed in her nursery that she slept in. 
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  • @ellieemc26 I am considering doing that once DH goes back to work at 6 weeks, he works from 5-1 so his alarm goes off at 4:30 and I will kill him if he wakes up baby at that time, so I am thinking it may make more sense for me and baby to move into the nursery then. What will be the nursery is currently a guest room with a queen sized bed so I may leave that in there and just move baby's bassinet from our room to there and wait on the crib until later when I go back to work. 
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  • @ellieemc26 Not quite what you're asking, but a friend of mine put a twin-size bed in the nursery for her first kid. Initially it was for her mother to use when she visited (they had a 2-bedroom apartment), but my friend could have also used it for herself if she needed to give her husband some quiet. A day bed is also a good alternative, and usually more comfortable than a futon. 
  • @elliemc79 DH and I decided to buy a day bed to put in the nursery for these kinds of situations. Also, we only have a 2 bedroom house, so the guest room is becoming the baby's room. With the day bed, we at least have the option of putting a guest in the baby's room and having him sleep with us temporarily.

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  • @Maggie1202 yes, that’s also an issue  we have that our house is only 2 bedrooms.  However I’m concerned that with a daybed  MIL will see it as an okay for her to come stay at our house whenever she wants (long story for a MIL venting thread behind that).  Was hoping maybe someone had head heard of a great alternative I guess!  And glad to at least hear this is something people do.
  • @ellieemc26 I just recently started seeing ads for this recliner...A bit pricey, but might wind up being the same cost as a decent futon.

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    @mindyb2019 Thank you! I love elephants too 😀

    @marebear15 I actually got those paintings from Etsy. I found the watercolor elephant and fell in love and knew I wanted to incorporate green/jungle feel. I love plants. So I found a watercolor painting of leaves in the style and colors I was looking for...she only had 1 design so I messaged the seller and described what I was looking to do. I didn’t want the pictures to mirror each other, but I didn’t want them identical either. She came up with a few options for me to choose from. There’s 2 photos of watercolor leaves with the elephant in the middle. There’s a big plant on the other side of the crib too which helps tie it all together. The picture frames are from Amazon, I think. 😀 I hope this helps!
  • @ellieemc26, we had a twin bed in my son’s room and I find it so essential. I don’t like to nurse in a chair and find the bed so much more comfy. I am contemplating sleeping in that room with baby as our room is open and doesn’t have a door. 

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