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  • Hope you are feeling a bit better @mindyb2019 ❤️

    Going to out myself as a Texan here (if I haven’t already) but we got multiple inches of snow here today, it was wild. DD didn’t know what to make of it! Otherwise my weekend was super boring and I was too lazy to do anything productive but oh well, two days closer to baby at least! 
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  • @legallykate I can’t believe TX got so much snow! That’s wild. 

    My weekend was equally as lazy and today spent the whole day eating potato chips and donuts 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not even sorry 
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  • @legallykate wow!! I can't believe you had inches of snow in TX!

    DS had stomach bug Thursday night to Friday morning. Then DH caught the same stomach bug Saturday night. My weekend involved a lot of bleach. Sunday, I laid in bed all day not feeling well but doing better now. Fingers crossed I have nothing tomorrow. My back now hurts because I laid down too long. 🤦‍♀️
  • So... my daughter (4yo) is (was) supposed to start a new preschool tomorrow. 

    Got a text from her school that she has to isolate for quarantine due to one of her now former teachers testing positive. Yay. 

    On top of that, my hubs simple outpatient procedure surgery had a post op complication of intractable pain. So he’s still in the hospital. 

    Our puppy still isn’t sleeping through the night. 

    So I’m trying to manage all this. And it sucks. I know this maybe belongs on the rant page... but I’m too tired to move it there 😂

    2021 has seriously told 2020 to hold my beer...
  • @MelissaMay82 omg I’m so jealous!! I ordered one like 2 weeks after they started taking back orders so my shipping date is by end of April 😩😭 I think it’s going to perfect for my LO who loves to climb and turn everything upside down. 

    @tilournextadventure bleh! You desire some time off from the bleach lol

    @angelz429 what a rough start to the year! Hope it starts getting easier. 2021 🙈
  • @legallykate, I’m so jealous of the snow! Can’t believe TX got so much! 

    @angelz429, that is so rough! I hope everything smooths out. 

    I had some seriously amazing Indian food on Saturday but it was SO spicy. And I like spicy! But then I had it again for lunch yesterday 😅😅. 

    I don’t want it to be Monday. Work is so, so busy and there’s too much to be done, especially since I only work 4 hours on Monday yet have to get everything done. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @legallykate thank you. Im doing much better 😘 Yuck! Snow. I hate snow lol

    @angelz429 oh dear. You poor thing and your poor husband. I hope he feels better.  

    Ok, what the heck is a nugget? Lol 
  • @angelz429 Yikes!  Hang in there.  

    My parents were at our house for the weekend and it was great to have them help out with DS but now it's Monday morning.  DS is at school, H and I need to get productive and start our days but they are still hanging out.  Great to see you...go home now. 
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    Fresh transfer Dec 2017= BFP!  baby boy born 8/22/18

    May 2019 - surprise natural pregnancy ended in MC
    Nov 2019 FET; MC at 9 weeks
    May 2020 FET; BFN
    July 2020 FET; CP treated with methotrexate
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  • Cat has decided she's not too thrilled with the prescription food....great. Beyond that fact that it's pricey, there aren't exactly a lot of options to explore (we're trying Hill's and Purina). She seems to sort of be eating it, but only after she's convinced I'm not hiding anything better. Trying a few different methods (giving it plain, mixing with various combinations of her previous wet food), hopefully she doesn't do what she did last time and just stop eating.

    @tilournextadventure Ugh, stomach bugs are the worst! Particularly kid bugs, they seem more potent. Hopefully you're all past it now and are feeling better.

    @angelz429 Oof, I'm so sorry. I hate when difficult things cluster like that, makes them so much harder to manage. I hope things start to look up!

    @laurad75 At that point I just start going about my day and do what I need to do. If they're in the way, then that means they're given tasks. 

    @mindyb2019 Glad to hear you're doing better, that must have been so hard to lose her. 

    I'm also curious what a "nugget" is?
  • @mc0303 they seem to be shipping out very quickly so hopefully you will get it before April. The harbor arrived on Saturday and the sweet pea will be here at the end of the week.

    Nuggets are awesome foam play couch that can be built into a bunch of different shapes for play, climbing, etc.

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  • Nugget for those who are asking is a deep dark hole (ie kids couches to build forts, etc) that have been sold out for over a year (they recently opened back orders that are filling in the next 6 months). 

    @laurad75 My sister was sending me pics of the snow! Yay! 

    @angelz429 You have a lot on that plate! I hope you get some relief soon. Sending lots of good vibes! I am feeling you on 2021 needing to show up 2020. This craziness can stop anytime now. 

    @ramfam2507 My OB is talking about inducing at 36-37 weeks because of previous complications, it is crazy that we are half way through this already! I told H I am going to be done with everything by 34 weeks and then sit and do nothing. 

    @MelissaMay82 I want another nugget! But haven’t convinced H that we have space for 3. I did backorder an Atlantis cover, can’t wait for it to arrive! 

    My life this past week should go on the vent page. It started with losing my job 30 min after I told them I was preggers and went downhill from then. Currently waiting on test results for H’s Covid test he got yesterday. 
  • I mentioned in a previous post that DH and I purchased a good deal of new furniture. Well, COVID... it's going to take up to a couple months to finish delivering everything. In the meantime, we bought a couple of new decor pieces that I am SO excited about! Pics will be shared once everything is here!

    We also went to Michael's yesterday and raided their 80% off Christmas sales. OMG the wrapping paper!!! We bought about 20 rolls of wrapping paper for $1 each!!! So that should be all we need for a couple years LOL!

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  • @tilournextadventure sorry about ds and dh! Stomach bugs are the worst. Hopefully you avoided it!!

    @angelz429 I hope dh is released soon!! Ugh and that dd quarantine time goes quickly/she doesn't get it. 

    @akoros that's how our cat is with the food too. We only give it to her first thing in the morning bc that's when she's hungry enough for it. We give her half a can of regular food once she's done with it. 

    My cat has been waking me up in the middle of the night for the last two weeks. She's been so obnoxious, idk why. I started sleeping with ear plugs in a few days ago which has helped, but now she's intentionally making herself throw up so that dh gets out of bed. We started giving her more food about 3 weeks ago bc she's been losing weight and it's like those extra calories make her crazy. She has a vet appt on Friday so I want to see what they say. 
  • @_orchid_ Encouraging that she's not alone, and some regular food won't kill her. I went through all the regular food I have and identified which one has the lowest protein content, so I try to give her some of that so she actually eats something. She does seem to give up and munch on the prescription food at night, so I think I'll try to focus on Rx food AM/PM, and then lunch & dinner will be mostly regular food with a little Rx snuck in. The Hill's pate seems super watery, which makes it harder for her to pick out like the "stew" or "minced" varieties. My husband keeps saying that she's suddenly become "turbo training wheels". 

    I hope everything is ok with your cat! Could the new food be giving her a stomach ache? My cat wakes me up every night by sniffing my face, but that's because she wants to get under the covers and for whatever reason can't figure it out on her own. 
  • @akoros we switched her in September 2019- before that she was mostly on dry food, but that month she had 9 teeth pulled and her bloodwork showed her kidney function was slightly off. Her dr said taking her off dry would help, and some of the kidney food. Through trial and error we found that more than 1/2 a can/day made her sick, and for some reason giving it to her at night gives her diarrhea in the middle of the night (she would be sick, then jump in bed to sit on my pillow until the smell woke me up- worst wake ups ever! 🤢). It's almost like she's upset she can't graze overnight, but she should be used to that by now! Maybe we'll try putting some food out before bed? She also has allergies that flare up randomly through the year -maybe she's at the beginning of a flare up? I should start giving her allergy meds and see if that helps. 
  • @_orchid_ Ugh, and I thought puking in bed was a terrible wake-up! (in her defense, I think those caught her by surprise and she' couldn't get to the floor fast enough) My cat also randomly whines, but thankfully it's not at night. 
  • The prescription cat food is the worst, I had an elderly cat with diabetes that my vet wanted to have eat that and I could never get him too.  I gave up after a few weeks and just told my vet it was a no go and we had to try something else.  

    This same cat used to try to wake me up by stomping around the bed, but then he figured out it was much more effective to stand next to the bed and howl!  Holy crap it was a crazy loud noise to get woken up to in the middle of the night!

    We're getting our windows replaced today!  I'm excited to have this done, out house was built in 1937 and still had the original windows, a bit drafty to say the least.
  • I'm lucky (or, rather my husband is lucky). My cat wakes me up by sniffing my face or making puking sounds. Both jolt me awake instantly, but won't bother him. 

    @ellieemc26 That's exciting about the windows! That's our next big project, probably later on this year or next once we save a bit more money (lots of big windows, including a big sliding door to the patio)
  • _orchid__orchid_ member
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    @ellieemc26 @akoros the different ways they think to wake us up are so funny (except when they do it non-stop!). DH still laughs about the time 12 years ago when she grabbed my glasses off my nightstand in the middle of the night and went tearing out the door. I instantly got up to chase her and as soon as I was in the hall she dropped the glasses, sprinted past me, and took my place in bed! 

    She LOOOVES middle of the night feeds- every time I'd get up she'd get in my spot. Get ready lol!
  • @akoros yes, the windows are an expensive one!  we wanted to do doors as well but unfortunately because of the age of our house and how it was constructed we have to get doors custom made to fit in the existing frames.  I still haven't found a company to do it.

    @_orchid_ that's super funny about the glasses!  my other cat used to headbutt when he wanted attention, he didn't care if you were sleeping or sitting on the couch or what.  he would just walk up and start smashing his head into you.  they are funny little guys!
  • @ellieemc26. We just got new windows about a month ago!  Ours weren’t as old as yours but the guys installing them said they were so loose and nearly useless lol I’m so glad we did it!  I love them! 
  • For us the best part about new windows (aside from insulation, quiet) is that we'll be able to take off the old iron bars on the door to the patio. Our HOA will take them down for free, but the current door is so old I don't trust the lock (the lock by the handle flat-out doesn't work, so we'd be relying on a small slide bar at the base).
  • Thanks all. He was discharged yesterday, but we’re back in the ER now 😭
  • @angelz429 Dang your year is sounding like mine! I hope whatever took you to the ER tonight gets resolved and healed quickly! 
  • @angelz429 oh no! I hope you guys made it home last night and he's ok! 
  • Follow-up to cat drama: I've been putting out food right before bed and she's been so chill overnight!! Two nights of better sleep in a row and I feel like a new person. FX I'm not jinxing it!
  • halfanewthalfanewt member
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    Just found my headphones hanging in a potted plant. Obviously. Thanks, pg brain. 🙄
    ETA: Or thanks, toddler. Hm, I may never know.
  • @angelz429 oh no! I hope DH feels better soon!
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  • Thanks again, y’all

    post-op complication so got home from the hospital at 2am to be to work by 7:30... with a puppy to care for over night 😴

    he was admitted and they’re helping him so maybe home tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 
  • @angelz429 goodness that sounds rough.  Hoping everything gets better for y’all soon.  
  • So MH will keep up with the major areas of the house, cleaning wise but I do the bulk of the heavy cleaning.  Bathrooms, floors, dusting, windows will seriously get neglected.  Maybe I’ll spend the day researching maids tomorrow lol.  
  • Stupid question, but pregnant women can safely soak in a warm bath with lavender Epson salts right? Just want to make sure thats ok and safe for baby. Thanks 😊 
  • @mindyb2019 warm not hot is fine. I used lavender Epsom salts while pregnant the first time and likely will this time too. I’m just never alone and don’t want to take a relaxing bath with a two year old who is attached to my hip right now. 
  • @mindyb2019 I take epsom salt baths all the time when I’m pregnant. The magnesium is good for headaches and body cramps. My understanding with baths is that they shouldn’t raise your core body temperature, so they shouldn’t be super
    hot like a hot tub and you don’t want to keep topping it off to keep the heat up. A hot tub is bad because it’s hotter than a bath and it stays hot, whereas a bath is a lower temperature and that temperature will naturally decrease. 
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  • I just realized it’s Girl Scout cookie season! I can hoard them all to myself and use the baby as an excuse 😆
  • Sorry I haven't been around lately, I feel like I have nothing to add!!
    I'm still battling nausea and vomiting. Officially diagnosed with GD. My husband is really sick (not covid just regular flu) and it's been really hard all around
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  • @ruemcclanahan I hope YH starts to feel better soon to make things easier on you! 
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