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Natural or Medicated Birth?

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Hey ladies, I was wondering what are your plans? Are you planning on going for a natural birth or planning on getting an epidural? What are your experiences if you’re not a FTM? 

I’m planning to shoot for natural, but I’m going to be open to an epidural. I have no idea what to expect being a FTM, so I figure I shouldn’t set any decisions in stone. 😂 My biggest fear out of all of it is tearing. 😖

Re: Natural or Medicated Birth?

  • I was really open to having a natural birth with DS. When I did my birth plan, I also signed a waiver for them to administer an epidural should I want one. I read a lot of books and spoke to all of my mom friends about their experiences. When I landed in hospital at 30 weeks due to a short cervix I wasn’t able to attend the hypnobirthing classes I signed up for. I signed up for an online module because I was on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. DS decided to come early (37+4) and SO had just returned to Switzerland (we were living in different countries at the time and he was to take time off to be present with me at the birth). When my water broke, he got into his car in the middle of the night and drove like a madman. In my bag I had my TENS machine, essential oils, playlist, etc. to help me relax. I was really trying hard to think positive thoughts and run the hypnobirthing visualizations in my head like ‘a lotus flower floating down the river, opening up its petals’. Ultimately, I was scared and alone and couldn’t focus on the positive. After two hours of contractions I decided to ask for the epidural. My takeaway - a natural birth is only feasible if you’ve got cheerleaders by your (doula, hubs, etc.). Also, in Luxembourg they don’t do laughing gas for pain management. At the hospital I gave birth at, there were whirlpools but ultimately a water birth inside the actual whirlpool was not allowed. Be aware of all the options available to you and do what feels right. Epidural or not, tearing is unfortunately  a possibility. I had second degree tears. 🥺

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  • I went into my first knowing I wanted an epidural and got one. For me, I’m glad I had it as it let me rest while we were waiting for labour to progress further. I think I got it when I was around 5cm so that I could still walk around before then. With COVID restrictions likely not allowing for walking halls this time around, I’ll probably stay at home a bit longer and plan to get the epidural shortly after I get to hospital. 

    I honestly have no idea if there’s a link between tearing and medicated births, I’ve never looked into it. DD1 got stuck and needed to be pulled out quick, so I ended up with an episiotomy, forceps used, and a couple of tears. They weren’t great, I won’t lie. But I was happier that they got her out quick and safely, then I could deal with healing later. 
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  • I'm planning on the epidural. FTM and I watched my sister give birth with just the IV meds and NOPE. We are rearranging my blood thinners so that I'm on a shorter lived version. My current will likely cause the anesthesiologist to decline to give me one because it tends to lead to a hematoma on the spine which can cause permanent nerve damage. 
  • I was induced with DD due to high BP that kept getting me sent to the hospital every time I went to an appointment. I was 38+3, admitted on a Monday night. They did a foley ball over night since I wasn’t dilated at all and started petocin in the morning. I walked those halls all day and only was 3cm so they stopped and let me eat and shower and try to sleep and started again Wednesday morning. By mid afternoon there was finally some progress and contractions really started picking up. I knew I wanted an epidural but was 120% sure at that point just from how tired I was from the whole process. It did not work completely on one side and I could still feel contractions down the back of one thigh but it was still worth it. I ended up with an episiotomy. It wasn’t enjoyable for the next week/week and a half but like a previous poster said I was just happy she was out and safe. Definitely planning on another epidural this time around.

    As of right now walking the halls in allowed at our hospital but you have to wear a mask in the halls. One thing I didn’t know until taking the birthing class during my first pregnancy was that your spouse/support person is not allowed in the room when the epidural is administered in our state. I know a friend who lives several states away couldn’t have her husband in there either while getting it. Might be a question to ask so you can be prepared.
  • I had an epidural last time and will opt for one this time as well (barring any issues). I did end up needing mine redone last time (it was only working on one side, which was *not* fun). I was also induced for IUGR, so I was in the hospital for a long time altogether. So I had the half-working epidural before labor really got ramped up and then once it did it became clear that I could feel *everything* on one side. Once it was redone, I was a happy camper and could rest until it got closer to the time to push. I also ended up needing forceps for the delivery because her heart rate started dropping while I was pushing and I had a pretty bad (third degree) tear. I was glad to have the epidural for all that as well because it was pretty uncomfortable with it, so I can only imagine how it would feel without it...

    That being said, I’m generally a wimp when it comes to pain and I have no qualms with pain medications when used appropriately. But I salute all the moms who do it without! Definitely make sure you have a good support system (tough with covid but I know a lot of hospitals are allowing doulas in addition to your support person) and classes in advance will help as well to prepare you for all the options. I have heard a lot of good things about hypnobirthing. Lastly, I recommend keeping an open mind! My only birth plan was to do whatever it took for me and the baby to be healthy. It’s ok to have wants and preferences but be aware that plans can (and often do) change, and that’s ok too.
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  • Thank you ladies for all your stories!! 💜
  • If anyone is planning a home birth, do not watch ‘Pieces of a Woman’ on Netflix. I saw that it was trending in the top ten and had no idea. Actually, don’t watch at all if pregnant.   
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  • I had a completely natural (hospital) birth with my DD. We had a doula, which was absolutely key to my success. I laboured at home with my boyfriend and doula, when I arrived at the hospital I was fully dilated and had my DD in about 20 min. My active labor was quick and super intense, but I had a lot of support and tools that I used to stay focused on my goal of a non medicated birth.
    This time we are doing a home water birth and I am so excited! I have a lot of views on how medicalized labor and birth have become and strongly believe that this process doesn't have to be dictated by a hospital's protocol.
    @xvividash I'm happy to share more details about my experience and answer any questions if you have them ❤️❤️❤️
  • And to clarify- I've been working with a birth center my entire pregnancy and my birth will be attended by 3 licensed midwives 😀
  • @jemjed I think it's pretty standard to not have husbands in the room during the epidural. I think it has something to do with too many men passing out while watching.  No joke. 

    So, with my first, my "birth plan" was just get the baby out but I went in knowing I was open to an epidural once I was around 5cm dilated.  I went in to be induced when I was a week overdue but once they put the cervidil (softens the cervix) in, the baby started having decels (heart rate fluctuations). They took the cervidil out and monitored his heart rate overnight.  His heart rate was a rollercoaster all night so they suggested an elective c-section, with the other option being starting pitocin while still at 0 dilation.  They advised that it would be highly likely that I would have a hard labor and end up with an emergency c-section situation and so I went with the elective c-section.  In my case, it was a good thing I did bc he had pooped a ton in the womb which was likely causing his heart rate fluctuations.  It turns out I also had an infection in my placenta (found out at my 6-week follow up) which could've also caused issues.  All in all, I didn't go in expecting a c-section but it was for the best. 

    I know this wasn't a birth story thread, but just wanted to throw my story in the ring so that you guys have a chance to think about a c-section briefly -- have a plan for how you want it to go, if you have to have one.  This time, I'm going in with the plan to do skin to skin while I'm still on the table.  I want to start breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth, preferably within the hour.
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  • Mine will be a completely medicated c section. Due to my medical history and previous surgeries on my spine and brain, the safest way for me to give birth is under general anesthesia with a c section. It went very well and I recovered quickly after my first baby, and I have high hopes that it will go just as well the second time 🤗
  • @juliebeannn yup that’s exactly why based on the nurse who did the birthing class
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