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Hello everyone! 
I’m a mom to a 3 year old energetic daughter. We’ve currently been experiencing some weird symptoms for me. My daughter starts coughing as soon as she falls asleep, at first we thought it could’ve been post nasal drip and that I would soon resolve on its own. Which it hasn’t. Night 3 she started to cough more often at night so we decided to give her allergy medicine as we might think it could be due to dust mites. A week has gone by and she still coughs a soon as she falls asleep. We went to the pediatrician today and told us she does have post nasal drip and to still keep and giving her allergy medicine and if it doesn’t get better or stay the same for the next 2 weeks we would need to go back to be seen again as she might think she might have asthma.  Has anyone gone through something similar and that it probably didn’t end up being asthma.
thank you in advance
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