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Weekly Randoms - Week of 01/03


Re: Weekly Randoms - Week of 01/03

  • @DoubleUp8 ahhh it was such a stressful game!!!! I'm from the area and everyone I know is flipping out! Last time the Bills won a playoff game I was 2 😱
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  • @laurad75 oh gosh I hope everything is okay ❤️ 
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  • @laurad75 that’s scary, I hope everything is ok.

    @ruemcclanahan I’m a football fan. Go pats!
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    Married: 8/10/13
    BFP- 12/18/15, D&E- 4/8/16 @ 21w5d- confirmed Thanatophoric Dysplasia
    BFP- 11/7/17, M/C- 11/18/17 @ 4w6d
    BFP- 8/25/18 ~ EDD- 5/9/19 ~ DD born 5/2/20 *Lillian Hazel*
    BFP- 10/9/20 ~ EDD- 6/21/21

  • @laurad75 I slipped in socks on hardwood and fell on my butt really early on and was all fine but for a bruised ego and being mad at myself for being careless. I think you are totally fine but def just monitor if anything feels weird. It’s so hard when our centers of gravity change! 
    *TTC History*

    Me: 37, MH: 38; Married August 2017

    TTC #1 October 2017: BFP on 12/1/2017, DD born 7/24/2018 @ 37+1 after induction due to preeclampsia

    TTC #2 January 2020: AMA, dx with DOR in May 2020

    IVF July 2020: 16 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 12 fertilized, 3 blasts, 2 PGT-A normal

    FET 10/7/20: BFP on 10/12/20!!! (EDD 6/25/21); First beta 10/16/20 (9dpt): 148; Second beta 10/19/20 (12dpt): 621; Third beta 10/26/20 (19dpt): 4732; Fourth (and final!) beta 11/2/20 (26 dpt): 22,000+

  • @mindyb2019 I'm sorry for your loss and the weight in your heart. It's so hard losing a parent early in life. ❤️

    @laurad75 yikes, that sounds painful. I hope you recover from the soreness quickly. Ugh.
  • @mindyb2019, sending you loads of hugs. 

    @laurad75, ouch! I definitely think baby should be ok as it’s very protected in there but I hope your soreness isn’t too bad. I’m also a klutz. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @laurad75 how are you feeling today? 
  • @_orchid_ that sounds like an amazing morning lol
  • @dogmom5 totally worth it lol. I've been trying to be more conscious of my eating this round- gained 55 lbs with both DSs- but this was needed today lol. 
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