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Scared based off history

Hey everyone I’ve had three miscarriages in a row previously. I’m pregnant again. I honestly don’t even know when my last period was but I kind of have an idea when I conceived. I wouldn’t think I could be anymore than 4-5 weeks. I’ve had several positive pregnancy tests but I am just afraid because I feel like I don’t have many symptoms. No morning sickness, breasts haven’t been tender to the touch jus kinda heavy feeling off and on. No food cravings or aversions. I was crying a lot and now I’m not. I’ve messaged my doctor but of course I found out on a holiday weekend so waiting to see what to do next. My first pregnancy I saw the heartbeat twice and still lost it, also noticed loss of symptoms with that one. Anyone have any success stories after multiple miscarriages? I’m trying to not be anxious and just relax but I honestly don’t know how when I’m just fearful based off of my previous  history. They had done the blood tests on me and never found anything wrong. They tried putting me on progesterone, never helped. I did have a very small septum like tissue in my uterus I just had removed last year so idk if that will change anything or not. 

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    @lindselew Unfortunately, I've had 5 PGs and they all ended in MC.  Are you working with a reproductive endocrinologist?  I would highly recommend it.  With 3 MCs in a row and no living children, you should get a RPL panel of tests, and that really needs to be done through a specialist.  (It's more than just some bloodwork and willy-nilly throwing progesterone your way, hoping it will stick).  At this point though, I'd just ask your doctor for beta HCGs.  That will tell you if your hcg numbers are rising/doubling every 48 hours or not and whether the PG looks viable or not.  Additionally, just remember there's not much you can do besides being as healthy as you can.  If a MC is going to happen, it is going to happen, and you can't stop it.  So, we always recommend that you just remember that you are PG now. That you can love that baby now. Regardless of whether that baby only lives to 6 weeks or 10 weeks or 3 months, or whether it is born and lives for years.  You can love that baby as much as you can NOW, and know that you loved it it's entire existence, regardless of the outcome of your PG.  Good luck.

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    I found getting my beta levels done didn't help. In my 2nd pregnancy, a suspected blighted ovum, they weren't doubling...that pregnancy is 8.5yo and playing Minecraft. My third pregnancy, they doubled perfectly. It ended in loss. 

    This is my fifth pregnancy. I had no MS. No sore breasts. No food cravings. If my OB hadn't been telling me to test every 4w (I had a baby in January 2020), I'd have no clue I was pregnant. I eventually picked up food cravings, but never MS or sore breasts. I'm 26w now. 
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