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Progesterone success after Miscarriage

I suffered two miscarriages in a row. One at 7 weeks and the second at 5 weeks. My doctor did not run any tests but prescribed me progesterone to take vaginally once I get pregnant again. Has anyone had success with progesterone after reoccurring miscarriages? Any stories would help me! 

Re: Progesterone success after Miscarriage

  • @bsthebump They should really test your progesterone levels, before just willy-nilly prescribing it to you!!!  Progesterone could help you if you have issues with that area; however, if you don't, and you have some other issue/complication, it won't help you a bit!  Also, if you just happened to have had very bad luck two times in a row (which is very common and even very likely), then you may go in thinking the progesterone has helped you with this one and that you'd need it every time, when in reality you didn't need it at all and would've had the same healthy baby outcome without it.
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