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I had 7 miscarriages (2 CP and 5 between 6-8wks) trying to have my son.

Low and behold I find myself pregnant the first cycle after having my Paragard out on 10/28/20 while on my period. I have pretty variable cycles so my midwife suggested a dating and viability transvaginal ultrasound at the 6wks 12/10, during which the sonographer could only barely see a tiny empty gestational sac that was too small to register on their dating equipment (assumed I must have ovulated late).

Midwives called back 12/15 and requested I come in for an HCG which came back at 5937, which while reassuring made me feel like the gestational sac seen 5 days earlier should have been larger and/or a yolk sac present. Low and behold on 12/21 I had moderate bleeding which has slowed to spotting and went in to get a repeat HCG and it came back at 9487. Mildly crampy, still lightly spotting, and I feel like my HCG should have gone up much farther in a weeks time.

My repeat ultrasound is scheduled for 12/24. Honestly I feel like I'm miscarrying. I'm disappointed but fine, just a little confused as with my previous losses when HCG's were drawn they were always way lower than this time as I have never had them drawn this late so I just don't know what to make of it all. The midwives' office seems to be implying things are likely fine? Have any of you ladies had HCG's drawn past the 4-5wk mark? What were your rises like in past the 5/6 week mark and what were your outcomes? I'm not looking for positivity, just stories of HCG levels and outcomes good or bad. I got myself into a good headspace after all my early losses before my son so if I'm miscarrying its not the end of the world and we'll just keep trying.

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    @moose0708 My last MC (5th for me) made it to 6 1/2 weeks.  It was the first time my HCG levels actually rose and were higher than like 125.  I had numbers in the thousands, like you did!  It was amazing to me and I thought I was going to actually break my RPL and have a living baby.  Unfortunately, despite the doubling and high HCG levels, I still lost it suddenly.  So your numbers seem to be in the right area, unfortunately it's concerning because they don't appear to be doubling every 48 hours, which is usually not a good sign.  Good luck and I'm sorry you have to wait until Christmas eve to hear more information. :disappointed:

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    Sorry for you losses. I had 7 before finally having my son, so hopefully it will happen for you soon. Ultrasound came back with progression measuring 5/5.5wks but no cardiac activity. Given that my last beta was 9487 4 days prior there should have been some sort of cardiac activity and only a "nub" and no identifiable fetal pole. Increased cramping and continued spotting is pretty clear IMO what's going on. On the plus side I am going to have a glass of wine with dinner tomorrow and got my COVID vaccine today, so plenty to be grateful for and we will keep trying. Baby dust to us all!
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