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Canadian Moms Check-in

Since there are quite a few of us, figured we could start a thread for Canadians to check in. This is a place to ask those questions that are Canada specific!

We can kick off with an introduction 

Ages of other children: 
What part of Canada are you from?:
Any questions?:
GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?:

Re: Canadian Moms Check-in

  • Love this @pickle_chips !


    Ages of other children:
    DD1: 7 years in January
    DD2: 18 months next week

    What part of Canada are you from?:
    Southern Ontario (GTA)

    Any questions?: When are you all going for your first u/s? I requested closer to 10 weeks but I think they're going to send me around 8:/ I'm just waiting for a call with my appointment.

    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?: Playing in the snow with the girls. And I actually love shoveling snow and making forts with the kids!
  • Hi friends!


    Ages of other children: 4.5 

    What part of Canada are you from?: I'm in BC, just outside of Vancouver #westcoastisthebestcoast

    Any questions?: Nona ATM

    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?: Well, we don't get "winter" here. Just a lot of rain. 
    We do enjoy heading up the mountain to find snow though. 

    @panaceia I have one that was booked as a follow up to my MMC on Jan 13th. I'll be 7w5d but I may actually request one asap. I keep getting a sharp stabby pain in my lower right abdomen and I am paranoid AF. 
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  • Thanks @baby_yoda1986. Once they call with my booking I can call to request a just trying to decide how early/late I want to go. Both of my MMCs were discovered at the first u/s so I'm terrified...not sure if I just want to get it over with asap or make sure I'm far enough along that they can see something without having to do the transvaginal (because I know I will lose my poop if they can't see something immediately).
  • @Panaceia I completely understand. 
    TW Loss

    With my MMC I had a happy baby at 8w3d then started barrrrely spotting at 13w1d and it had stopped growing at 10w.  I feel like MMC is a special kind of mindf*ck

  • @baby_yoda1986 them’s fighting words! We lived in Vancouver for a year when I was doing my masters at UBC. I also have family that lives in the Southern Gulf Islands. I do love the west coast, but I’m an east coast gal at heart. 

    Ages of other children: Almost 4 and 2
    What part of Canada are you from?: Nova Scotia
    Any questions?: NATM
    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?: Getting cold sledding or skating and then heading inside for hot cocoa with an unreasonable amount of marshmallows. I also enjoy snowshoeing, but haven’t been recently.

    @Panaceia normally it wouldn’t be until the 20 week a/s. NS just started doing dating scans for everyone at 8 weeks like I’m the last year or so, but they stopped them after COVID (unless of course there is a need for one). My doctor is going to put in a request for me after a 7 week beta draw, because of my recent loss. But she said that they may deny the request, so might still end up being 20 weeks! 
    What part of Canada are you from?: Halifax, NS! I'm originally from Hamilton ON, but I've been on the east coast about 12 years now 
    Any questions?: none for me yet. Really hoping the mat leave hours stay at 120!

    I'm not certain when I'll have an ultrasound, definitely before the 20 weeks @pickle-chips mentioned. I'm hoping for around 13 weeks.
    This summer at 13 weeks we found out our baby was sick, and had a loss at 17 weeks. Its so unlikely to happen again, but I'm so paranoid. I'm hoping for a later dating scan to rule out any complications in development. 
    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?:
    I love playing in the snow with my dog, but am mostly an indoor hobbit. 
  • Thanks guys:) It's helpful to hear what everyone is doing with first u/s dates! I'm still so torn as to what I want to do. Gah. I'll probably end up just sticking with whatever they give me:/ DD1 my first was at 12 weeks for the NT scan, and DD2 it was at 7 weeks.


    My MMCs were first scans at 12 weeks and 10 weeks. So pretty definitive when there was no heartbeat. I want to know what's going in in there but terrified for the answer to be *nothing*:/
  • @doodlemom131 so sorry for your loss ❤️❤️❤️

    @pickle-chips I love Nova Scotia, I've only been once but if I *had* to live on the East Coast I would choose Nova Scotia
  • @tiggywiggles come get your CanCon fill here anytime! Also your SN reminds me of Mrs Tiggy Winkles—the Beatrix Potter character, but also a toy shop that used to be in Ottawa, so it seems only fitting that you are Canadian.

    @baby_yoda1986 phew! I know we don’t have the mountains, but we do have the ocean. We are Canada’s Ocean Playground! 
  • @pickle-chips thanks for the inclusion!  My mom always called me Tiggy Winkles...that was my favourite book growing up.  Amazing that you know that book!  I love Beatrix Potter.  
    We live in rural Ontario, but hubby was born and raised in a suburb of Vancouver so we try and go back to visit every year or so.  I haven't been to the East Coast but it's on my need to do list.  I've driven out west and our country is amazing.  Seeing all of your posts is lighting a fire under my butt tonget out east when covid settles  
  • @tiggywiggles @pickle-chips I LOVE those books, they're the only books that I have left from my childhood so you can bet they are already in the to-be nursery. My mom's nickname for me is Bunny and I was definitely a bunny for 3 or 4 Halloweens as a kid. 
    FTM :) exciting and scary at my age!

    What part of Canada are you from?: 
    I currently live in Southern GTA but I’m from Ottawa so I also know of the Mrs. Tiggy Winkles store that @pickle-chips mentioned. 

    Any questions?: How do you deal with all of this anxiety before hearing the first heartbeat. I feel like it’s robbing my joy and experience. I’m so afraid of a MC.

    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?:

    I am not a fan of the cold. Loved it as a kid but would much prefer summer year round! 

    Although Scandinavian spas are nice in the winter - there’s an amazing one in Chelsea (Ottawa-Gatineau region). 
  • @joellelamb waiting for the first look is really difficult. Its almost not real until you see it. It is really great the first time, hang in there. 

    We have a nordic spa just outside the city here in NS. (I say the city because there is only one haha). I went in October and it was magical. I hate that I can't go until after this babe is out of me. Its so relaxing!
  • @joellelamb Waiting is the hardest. With my first I didn't get my first scan until I was 12 weeks. The Friday before my u/s my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat at my appointment (we still had never heard it) so I was freaking out all weekend thinking the worst. Monday came along and sure enough everything was perfect. I just had an anterior placenta which made finding the heartbeat a little more difficult. I have no tips to help with the anxiety. Just try to believe that everything is perfect in there. I'm sure it will be:)

    Do you know when you are having your first u/s?
  • Thank you @doodlemom131 @Panaceia for reminding me to stay positive and @Panaceia, that must’ve been really difficult for you not hearing the heartbeat and having to wait but what a relief when you did 💕

    My US is tomorrow, I’ll post an update as soon as I know :)
  • Update: I had my first ultrasound this morning and although we didn’t see a heartbeat the gestational age is 6w 3d so that seems right. We’ll have to schedule another US to confirm it is a viable pregnancy before I get transferred to an OB.

    Gah... I was hoping for a heartbeat but also know I may be slightly too early and that just a few days makes a big difference.
    i imagine my next one will be after the holidays.
  • @joellelamb Yay for a good ultrasound! But sorry you didn't get to see the heartbeat:(  I'm sure you'll see it at the next one!!!

    Mine isn't scheduled until I'm 12+2 and my first appointment isn't until the week after that so I have to wait and wait before I know what's going on:/
  • @joellelamb the early ultrasounds are like a double edge sword. It's so exciting to see baby early but then you get the extra stress if it's too early.  

    @Panaceia I count NOT wait until 12weeks. I don't think I could handle that!
  • @Panaceia it was pretty cool to see a cashew sized blob on the screen :)

    I’m surprised that they’ve got you scheduled so late? You must already have an OB or Midwife then? My doctor apparently can’t refer me until he has all my bloodwork and an US with heartbeat 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @joellelamb I do have an OB and I might end up calling him and just book myself in directly. I haven't been referred yet by my doctor. I'm actually waiting for a call back from my doctor just to check on the timing as I'm pretty surprised they are having me wait for so long. I requested it be around 10 weeks, but wasn't expecting 12. I'll have my NIPT results before my furst u/s...

    @baby_yoda1986 I wanted it later so that the results are definitive immediately...but wasn't expecting it this late. As long as my doctor still lets me go for the NIPT at 10 weeks then I can deal with it. But it's just SO FAR AWAY!!!
  • So I called my doctor yesterday (it was a different doctor who did my intake appointment) to ask if it was ok for me to wait until 12+2 for my first u/s. Turns out I can't get my NIPT done until I have an u/s...and she doesn't love me waiting that long anyways SO she is going to rebook my u/s for around 10 weeks. She said I can get my NIPT and all other blood work done at the same time (10 weeks) so I only have to go once and limit exposure. Turns out the doctor who did my intake appointment didn't order betas for me today anyways, he just wanted to check my iron levels etc due to past anemia, so my doctor let me cancel today's appointment and everything should happen now around the last week of January.
  • @Panaceia that is so frustrating but also good? Classic Canadian health care. I love it, and think its much healthier than a lot of what I see in the states, but it still struggles from time to time.

    I got a call that I have an apt with an OB on Jan 28. Still waiting on any form of ultrasound  :(
  • @Panaceia glad you got in a bit sooner! 
    The way my doctor explained it is if the EEDon requesition is off by even a day you can get a false positive. I know panorama is much more accurate though. 

    TW - loss
    Our healthcare system is great or awful depending on the day I think. With my MMC I sat in ER alone for 6 hrs on a Sunday then 3 hrs on a Monday after my ultrasound (when I already knew baby had passed ).
    This time, I went in for pain/possible ectopic and I was seen within minutes. 

    I am thankful they are taking things seriously this time but I'm covered in bruises from all the blood draws 🤣 

  • I asked this in a check in but I should have asked here. 
    Is anyone doing the sneak peek? I was considering it but I worry about the postal system taking forever to get it to the US
  • @doodlemom131 I could have gotten in earlier but wanted a later scan due to past experiences if that makes sense. I'm glad they are going to try to get me in for the u/s around 10 weeks though so I can still get the NIPT at the right time!

    @baby_yoda1986 with the blood test it doesn't really matter if your dates are super accurate just so long as you are definitely at least 9 weeks. They just want the u/s first because it is an expensive test and it's covered by the province so they want to make sure people are actually pregnant before they shell out the cash:)


    With my first loss I was hemorrhaging and bleeding out so they obviously took me immediately as I made a mess of the waiting room just walking through the doors...with my second I found out on the Friday that there was no heartbeat. Saturday I spent 9 hours in the ER waiting for my D&C. It was non emergent though so I knew I'd have a bit if a wait. And this was with them already expecting me ahead of time. It was nice that they were able to fit me in that day though since my risk of hemorrhaging makes MCing naturally pretty dangerous for me. I likely would have had less of a wait had I gone in Friday night but I needed to arrange child care.
  • FTM/STM/STM+: FTM :)
    What part of Canada are you from?: Toronto
    Any questions?: When did you start looking for your obgyn/midwife, and how does the process work? Do you get to have an introductory chat with them to make sure they're a good fit? This is my second pregnancy, unfortunately had a MC at 6w last summer, right after I was told by my doctor to start contacting midwives/obgyns - that was particularly difficult to deal with getting call backs and having to say I won't be needing them anymore 😞 Trying to balance making sure I end up with someone I'm happy with but also not having to go through that same experience again. Also how did you choose between midwife vs. obgyn? I'm planning on having a hospital birth so wondering if midwife makes sense or if to just go with obgyn. Sorry for all the questions, clearly a FTM here 😂
    GTKY: What’s your favourite winter activity for Canadian winters?: I enjoy going for walks with my dog and watching her go crazy in the snow! I like skiing too although I'm definitely not great at it and will have to refrain from it this winter!
  • @avocadotoast30 I'm close to TO:) My doctor makes the referral to the obgyn. They always ask if I have a preference (which I do since my ob was with me through both of my MMCs and my pregnancy with DD2) but your doctor should be able to refer you to someone. I could probably just call myself to schedule an appointment with my ob but I love my doctor too, so I don't mind spending the first 12 weeks with her. I think a lot of OBs here don't see you until closer to 20 weeks if you don't have any risk factors. I think if you go the midwife route you have to find and contact them on your own but your doctor should have a list of midwives they could recommend. Can you stay with your gp practice through your first ultrasound before you start calling around? That way you will know if things are ok before making an appointment? I remember how crap ot was to get a call reminder about an ob appointment after my first loss:/ I would talk to your gp. I'm guessing every practice has different procedures etc for this.

    With my first pregnancy I stuck with my gp practice since it is also a maternity center. What I didn't like was that at delivery there was no one there I knew. They ended up making a pretty big mistake that almost killed both me and DD1 that I know would have been caught sooner had I gone with a midwife or an OB. With DD2 I went directly to an OB. I loved it and felt so much safer and just more confident and comfortable all around. I am definitely using my OB again, but I'll be a repeat CS so I don't have much of a choice anyways:) Plus I'm high risk this time due to loss history and age (3 losses, and I'll be 42 years old at delivery). I have many friends who have gone the midwife route and absolutely loved it!
  • I don't know if any Canadians are looking at getting the SNOO, but apparently it is 20% off for plum members: There is also 20% off a bunch of other baby brands. 
  • Not sure how many of you are/aren't aware but FYI for when you go on mat leave, you should hold back some cash for taxes (or contact them to get them to retain more for tax). I'm on another board and there are a bunch of very shocked women who have fairly large tax bills outstanding.

    Why the government doesn't make this clear when you go on mat leave is beyond me.
  • Yeah, I got hit with an unexpected $2,500 tax bill after my first parental leave 👎🏻. My understanding is that you can ask your employer to deduct more income tax prior to going on leave, especially if you will be receiving a top up, but Service Canada won’t do anything to make your life any easier.
    Otherwise, like @doodlemom131 suggested, the easiest, most straightforward way to manage is to set aside money for the inevitable tax bill.

    There are like two lines about it at the very bottom of this page:

    My second parental leave I didn’t end up owing, I think the tax deduction for daycare expenses for our oldest was my saviour 😅.
  • West Coast Kids is doing a bunch of gear sales this week. You can see the schedule here: I think we are going to go ahead an bite the bullet on the car seat this week. It seems kind of early, but the one we want doesn't go on sale often. 
  • Oh, my people! I’m in 2 other Bump Month groups and between them both there was only 4 other Canadians, none of which were in Ontario! 

    Third-time mom here (go read my introduction for the crazy story of why I’m joining so late!). When this baby arrives I’ll have a 4y/o and a 21 month old. 

    I was originally from the Thunder Bay Area, but lived in Toronto/the GTA for 15 years and just recently moved more towards the London area. 

    GTKY: best Canadian winter activity is snowmobiling, but I haven’t done that in about 20 years! 
  • Welcome! I'll also have a 4yo and 2yo when this one is born! Although my 2yo will turn 3 a few months later. 
    My first BMB didn't have any other Canadians, at least no-one that stuck it out for the long haul and migration to FB. 

  • @CapricaAndrea and any other lurking from Ontario, exciting news that you can now book your COVID vaccines! I saw the news on Twitter this morning and immediately texted my friend in Ottawa who is also due in August and she is already booked in for her appointment. Fingers crossed NS follows suit, but I think it's unlikely based on our CMOH has been pretty firm on sticking to age based roll-out. 
  • @pickle-chips also jealous. I saw NB also opened up to pregnant women. I understand an aged based approach but given that most pregnant women are under 40, you would think that would have an impact.
  • grogugrogu member
    Ugh, @pickle-chips still waiting on BC too! Hopefully by the end of next month I will have my vaccine 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • @pickle-chips yes I saw! I actually got my first dose back in March due to my job, and at the time I knew I was pregnant but still thought I was at like 10-12 weeks 😂 
    Maybe they’ll let me get my 2nd dose earlier than July now? (Probably not)
  • PSA: Carter’s 4 and 5 pack bodysuits are on a door buster deal for $11 per pack until tomorrow! They’re normally $28 or so. 
  • @pickle-chips 🤣 baby girl/boy bodysuit 5 packs are 11. Plain white 5 packs for "gender neutral" are 15. 
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