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Symptoms Thread 12/19

What symptoms are you experiencing this week? Questions?


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  • I've been pretty tired again... I don't know if it's the pregnancy or just circumstances. I'm training a new employee at work which is asking me to be a little bit more alert I feel and I've been sleeping a bit less long as I try to wake up a bit earlier to be able to train her more in the morning and my fiancé was leaving home later so I didn't have time to go back to sleep before my alarm (he's usually out by 6am).
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    i think this is just life now @mimser that we are going to be tired forever!  i feel like i wake up tired (and with a backache).  Hopefully the training goes smoothly! is this someone that will be covering you while you are out?

    here tired also, and my back hurts after sleeping.  my boppy wedge just came yesterday so hoping that plus the pillow between my legs tonight will give some relief. only other real symptopm currently is pregnancy brain...becoming more obvious by the week lol
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  • @asf0613 Haha yes I guess this is what it's going to be. And yes our new hire will cover when I'm out as well. The training is going really well so far so I'm really confident. I'm also taking 3 week vacations in January (while I patiently wait for viability week 🤪) so I'm glad she'll be there then. The nights have been rough here too, I wake up from a sore hip a few times a night. And yeah, pregnancy brain... I have the memory of a goldfish these days.
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    I’m still tired too. I’m not sure if it overall from pregnancy or because I sleep like crap now, thanks to pregnancy. I use 5 pillows to get relief and it helps some, but I’m still not sleeping like I use to. Also still nauseous from time to time. Mostly when I wake up to pee. If I can’t fall asleep fast enough I’ll vomit. Other than that I’m feeling pretty good. 

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  • @asf0613 I was wondering what happened yesterday, now I know it must be pregnancy brain.

    I had a special Christmas end of year zoom yesterday evening. I had been meaning to download some programs on my computer to enhance the experience. I left it to the last minute and while my toddler slept I successful got prepared. The moment I finished the teen-ager walked in and said, "remember you said I could use your computer tonight". I had not remembered and can't get anything good on my phone for zoom filters. Then a half an hour before the meeting I realized I had an old computer that might work. I mentioned it to the teen-ager as I rushed to download everything and she said, "yes, you said you were going to use it when I asked to use your computer." 🤪 I had absolutely no memory of this conversation until she mentioned the conversation in detail. 🤪
  • Tired here too but we just moved my daughter to her big girl room in a new bed and so far that has meant instead of barely waking up when my husband dumps her in bed with me, I have to get up and move to her room and sleep with her for half the night. Last night I couldn’t get back to sleep for like 3 hours 😩 my last pregnancy I slept like 9 hours a night straight through so this is rough!
    I’ve also had some nausea in the mornings - I came so close to puking the other day. I’m not a puker in general so that’s really odd for me😂
  • Another member of the tired club at 19+5! My newest, weirdest symptom is that multiple times per day, my foot is super close to cramping up. You know those super weird foot cramps where it feels like an actual bone is out of place? Luckily I’ve stopped it from fully happening each time so far. I’m sure it’s a sign I need to be drinking more water. But I am sure I read that this was a pregnancy thing in one of the articles on the bump! Or I made it up, in which case I too have pregnancy brain @littlelibelula (your computer story is so funny!) 
  • The past week or so, one of my arms has been falling asleep when I sleep at night. I’ll wake up, flip to my other side and then the other arm will fall asleep. It’s kind of alarming and I have to shake & massage my arm to wake it back up. Thinking of sending a note through my OB’s portal ...anyone else every experience this? 
  • @ec1212 yes, it happened to me. It could be a sign of some carpel tunnel, I usually get it in the last trimester. A few things that helped me- make sure your elbow is at a ‘relaxed’ position (not straight, but not bent all the way), also, if you are laying on your side, rest you arm/hand on your hip so it stays aligned with your body. Don’t put your hands by your face, I find that makes it worse. 
    I’m sure you’ve stopped already, but don’t sleep on your back anymore until baby is born. Otherwise there will be a lot of body parts that fall asleep! 
    Last, drink more water! 

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  • Tired, not sleeping through the night (although last night wasn't terrible, just waking to change positions; no getting up to pee or anything), still a little nauseous, but mostly just already getting some intense SPD pain. We went on a 30 minute walk with the dogs on Tuesday last week since I was finally feeling well enough to move around and it took me the entire rest of the week to recover. 
  • When I was pregnant with my DS, I was super on top of not sleeping on my back, although it really is more of a 2nd/3rd trimester thing. 

    But this time around I completely forgot until I saw one of you mention it in a thread a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that a month before conceiving I found a comfortable breadfeedin position. I never understood how mom could nurse in bed, I never successfully did until my DS was 9-10 months. Now I lay down on my bed for a rest and he finds a comfortable position which is usually dead weight on my chest/belly. So if he's eating I'm kind of stuck on my back. It's really nice to relax, so it's hard for me to break tye habit. I really need to find another solution or may have some problems. 
  • Woke up an infinite number of times last night with hip/thigh pain to change side... left side is unfortunately the worst (I do sleep the most on that side), right side is not as bad but gets uncomfortable pretty fast still. If I'm on my back but with a left tilt, I feel baby move which is fun but distracting (I actually felt him while laying on the left as well last night). The most comfortable seemed to be half on my stomach, half on my left side, but I felt bad for baby so I wouldn't stay like this....
  • @littlelibelula are you able to find a comfortable nursing position lying down in bed on your side? That’s how my little one and I always nursed and it was nice because I could kinda snooze a bit through it (but it was just us in bed together)
  • @mimser half on my stomach, half on my side is the only way I can sleep and it was my go to position for my first pregnancy, too but sleeping is so much harder once we get to that point where we have to cut out stomach and back sleeping!
  • @yellingbanana thanks!! Luckily I'm not a back sleeper. I didn't have this issue so last night, so hoping it was a fluke but will keep these things in mind.
  • @brynn_mamaof4 Trying to do the side lying, but it definitely is going to take some getting used to. 
  • Anybody in a cold climate keep waking up with a sore throat?? Did a humidifier help? I got ours out the other day and it didn’t work, so I guess I need to buy a new one. 👎🏻
  • @cjmb_1250 we have a humidifier and it took about a week for me to feel better in the mornings, but does help. 
  • @ckmb_1250 yes we’re in a dry, cold climate and got a huge humidifier. It also took about a week for it to start to keep up properly with how dry our house was. It’s not perfect but I’m not waking up with a bloody nose anymore so it’s definitely doing something. 
  • @ckmb_1250 Not a sore throat but a dry mouth and throat
  • @ckmb_1250 I started using one in our bedroom last week. I haven't noticed an improvement, still waking up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, dry mouth, etc
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    My humidifier is opening our window, it’s been raining so much! Thanks Seattle... 
    Seriously though, the congestion with this pregnancy is terrible. And whenever I run errands or visit with my mom - all mask wearing activities- my throat is sore that night. Wasn’t a problem before pregnancy.

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  • ugh 😩😩😩 running out to get a humidifier today. In the mean time I had bowls of water sitting next to our air vents, but that not gonna cut it 😂
  • 20+3 today and soooo stinking tired. I thought in the second trimester you were supposed to have energy. Well mine is lost. 

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