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Weekly Appointments 12/14

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Re: Weekly Appointments 12/14

  • Nothing exciting this week, just an early glucose test and a quick heartbeat check with the OB tomorrow. Next week I’ll have my 20 week anatomy scan and another cervical length check at MFM!
  • I have a normal check on Thursday, nothing exciting. My anatomy scan isn't until January because I want it to go towards next years deductible😂

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  • @nbcarlson I cannot tell you how much I wish ours started over in January! Ours starts in March *eyeroll*
  • Ultrasound at mfm on Friday, had to move my regular ob check and the only time available was on Christmas Eve 🙄. 

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  • @gusgus14 March? ewwwwww.
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  • @texas_t right?! I'm getting ready to hit my deductible this month or next month thanks to these insanely expensive MFM ultrasounds so I might get one or two "free" ultrasounds out of it this time? My first was a January baby so I hit the deductible and then had to start right back over less than 2 months later.
  • Had a checkup today (17+1). Not too much to report. Baby's heart rate was 158 bpm 😊 Baby likes to be difficult everytime we listen to the heart beat and move out of the way once we find it lol.
    I've really been struggling to breathe (lots of wheezing, can't catch my breath, coughing up a lot of mucus, etc). I had gone to the doctor in early November for it (and thankfully ruled out both the flu and covid), but essentially my allergies have been so bad that I have a form of allergy-induced asthma. They gave me an inhaler which helped tremendously at first...but now I've found that I need to use it about 3x a day (mostly at night) which isn't ideal. So my midwife prescribed me something else (some sort of steroid I believe she said) which should hopefully help enough that I can stop using the inhaler. Not thrilled about having to take anything though.

    I have to schedule my anatomy scan (will probably be the week of 1/11 or early 1/18) and then I go back for another checkup 1/21!
  • Had our 4th ultrasound today due to Mia’s heart being tilted, just barely within normal range. It is the same as last time, but the biggest problem would be if she had other physical abnormalities, which she doesn’t. However, I have to go back in 2 weeks for an echo cardio graham to make sure her heart is functioning properly. The dr was very reassuring in that she is healthy, and that if they saw something severely wrong that they would have done an ecg right away today. Otherwise she seems very healthy, a little smaller than my other babies, she is in the 45th percentile. 

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