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When should Chemical Pregnancy Bleeding Start

I was testing a faint positive on FRER and CG for almost a week but they never got stronger and eventually faded away to negative. Assumed right away that it was a chemical pregnancy. However, I am now 6 days late for my period and no sign of it coming, no cramps or anything. The other times I had a CP the bleeding came on very fast and strong so I am not sure what to think this time around. Has anyone else completely skipped their period after having a CP???

Re: When should Chemical Pregnancy Bleeding Start

  • If you get a BFP, you are supposed to call your doctor to inform them.  Then if it appears you are having a MC, you are supposed to call your doctor.  This is because if you have a history of loss, especially 2 or more MC with no living children, you should have a RPL testing panel.  More importantly, you need to know if you got an actual BFP or were actually seeing an evap line or some sort of false positive.  It is VERY important to ALWAYS call your doctor when you test positive for PG and also when you think you may be miscarrying, as they need to track your HCG levels down to 0.  It can take weeks/months for that to happen, and thus for you to get a period.  However, you can also bleed, but not have your hcg level reach 0, and therefore can TTC again and get positive tests and not know if they are new hcg levels showing up from a new PG or hcg levels leftover from the last PG.  You really should be calling your doctor.  And if you have had several CPs, especially if you've had no living children, you really need to push for a RPL panel of tests!

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  • Red raspberry leaf tea, orgasms, and vigorous exercise can all help speed things along. I had a couple of miscarriages that the bleeding didn't start till 2-3 weeks after outcome was clear and some where it came in like a wrecking ball and was the first sign of a loss. Every pregnancy is different. Good luck🤞

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