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Nursery Ideas

Some of us said we would like a nursery thread so I thought I would start one, now that most of us know what we are having! Feel free to drop your plans/ideas below, along with any questions, opinions, etc. 

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  • Whoops you beat me to it. I'll try to delete mine!
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  • @brynn_mamaof4 I love that! What about replacing the fan with some type of woven or wood bead chandy? I think a natural texture/color light fixture would look gorgeous with that theme.

    I will have to throw my mood board together later and post! We have a National Parks/mountains theme picked out for the twins.

    For my daughter we did a floral flamingo nursery but we did the walls navy and then brought in pink with floral and flamingo prints throughout. A couple of photos in the spoiler minus the rug we added under her crib:

  • @gusgus14 actually I have a natural beaded chandelier thingie in my 4 year olds room I thought about swapping! My friend bought it for me when she was in Bali and shipped it here, I’ll have to post a picture for opinions. It has a few pink beads at the bottom so it could work well. 

    I love the flamingos!!! Flamingoes hold a special place in my heart haha. My mom used to get me something flamingo every year for Christmas because growing up (and I still do) I stand like one without thinking if I’m doing things like washing dishes, etc. she passed away several years ago so now they are just dear to me. I love that, very cute! 
  • @gusgus14 That puzzle is awesome!

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  • @texas_t thanks, it was a quarantine purchase back in the Spring! We never put it together and then a few weeks ago I was just looking at the packaging and thought it would make a great nursery theme!
  • Don't have a whole lot pinned yet, but hubby and I both love grey so this will be a grey baby. Will figure out accent colors as we get closer, but thinking navy blue and darker slate would be a nice mood because the room itself (while small) has high ceilings and huge windows that let in a lot of light. I'm not sure that we'll paint or do anything major to the walls since we're renting. Some inspo pics in spoilers.

    This is the crib we're getting (in natural as pictured but with diff color accent feet) and prob getting the matching dresser/changing table. It's the Babyletto Gelato, a convertible one that can go up to a big boy bed. I'm actually torn on getting the furniture in natural vs. white - I think white would look so good with grey, but for the long-haul I think white will just show too much wear.

    We'll have some cute black/white and grey animals for decor in honor of our little multi-racial baby. I've been obsessed with these two prints forever.

    Here's a layout and mood I like, and this chair looks like the glider I'm considering. The white crib looks so good here! But you can tell from the natural accents that the tan color wood will work for the crib/dresser, too.

  • @ec1212 love that! Our nursery now has a grey accent wall with white clouds 👌🏻
  • Oh, another +1 for flamingos! I grew up in Florida (for 1/2 my childhood) and my whole fam still lives there, and my grandma that raised me is obsessed with them. There's def a Jellycat flamingo on our registry, and I may have just registered for it for myself. Haha.
  • @ckmb_1250 I wish we could paint ... we actually already have cans of gorgeous grey that we were planning to use for a hallway that has lower ceilings so we could actually paint it ourselves with a small ladder. But the rest of the apartment has 12 foot ceilings and we are supposed to repaint everything back to it's original color when we move out, so it is prob too much of a pain.

    I just found this photo, I bet we could do something like this. Maybe there's hope!

  • I love all your ideas! 

    Our nursery is currently the guest room so we have to wait until the new basement/guestroom furniture arrives to remove any of the other furniture, so it will be a bit yet. We did DS's nursery at our old house as a safari animal theme so we will use the same stuff again, but I would like to add in some pink accents.
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  • @spartan4life our nursery is still our guest room! Part of my reasoning was that if I wanted to lie down with the baby and feed or cosleep, the bed would be right there. It worked out really well. I slept in there with DS once in a while, or maybe a couple of weeks at a time when he was teething. We just got matching sheets for the full sized bed, and now that is where 4yr DS sleeps. If we have guests, DS sleeps in our room or hopefully sister’s room soon! Though I don’t see us having any guests anytime soon. 
    He will probably get forced into sister’s room for a year or two until Mia sleeps through the night. We are maxed out on rooms, we have 4 bedrooms and they’re all taken right now. Once Mia is about 2, we will move her into her sister’s room, 9yrDD. She has a bunk bed ready to go, and has the largest kids room. It’s also the play room. 

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  • @yellingbanana we thought about doing that but, the room isn't quite large enough for a bed and a crib plus changing table/dresser. My family all lives out of state around the country so during non-COVID times we have guests several times a year, and when my mom comes she usually comes for a few weeks at a time. Because of that, we decided to make our basement the guest area so we got a nice pullout couch with other furniture. There is a bathroom and wet bar down there too so guests will have their own space. It should be here in early January so then we will get started on the nursery!
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  • @asf0613 Don't worry, if you have all you need it will be fine. We moved less than two weeks before my first was born and everything was ready in time, even though he came a little early. 

    This time round we have to wait until March to see what schools are doing, because my husband has his office in the toddler's real room so we might have to have both in our room because I dont trust my toddler to sleep in the office. So probably the playpen beside our bed and the toddler bed by the wall. No decorating. I envy the decorating you are all doing. It looks so pretty. 
  • Hubby said he’s putting all his stuff in the office (future nursery) into storage next weekend so I’m flipping out with excitement! I ordered organizing stuff to pack up and rearrange my own stuff that’s in there (and have already started putting stuff I don’t need in storage). 

    I’ll prob order the larger furniture items next week. In the meantime I’m drawing out a storage plan for baby’s closet & the layout of the room. 

    Q: for a chair in the nursery how do we feel about glider/rockers vs. recliners? I have to have my feet up when sitting, so I’d have to get an ottoman if we got a rocker whereas I could skip it and have more floor space for baby if we get a recliner. But I’m afraid a recliner will encourage me to fall asleep while nursing, which I also want to avoid. 

    Also sharing this little caddy I found on Pinterest - I got it for our bedroom while baby’s in his bassinet. I figured I can carry it into the living room for lazy changing times when we don’t want to go into the nursery.

  • @ec1212 I feel like I prefer the look of a glider/rocker combination but have no experience of it in a nursery!

    We (my fiancé) got the painting done during the Holidays. We also got some furniture that was stored at my mom's: my childhood dresser and the family rocking chair. They will both be sanded down. The dresser will be re-painted in white. I think we'll use chalk paint? As for the chair, it will need a new seat cover, I'll probably go with a nice light color fabric. At first I was thinking to leave the natural wood color, but the last couple of days I started wondering if I'd rather paint it white as well (not fully covering the wood, making it look like aged paint?). Not sure. These will be projects for my fiancé in early March.

    My mom got us some shelves for baby books. They both say Once upon a time, but one in French and the other in English since this baby will be bilingual as I speak Frencg and my fiancé speaks English!

    A world map will also be part of our decor as we had it and then I found this exact one on a minimalist nursery decor found on Pinterest!

    Some pics of the room and these furniture, and guess who apparently likes to be rocked?

  • @ec1212 I’ve found that I like recliners better than the rocker w/ottoman. Maybe it’s my abnormally short legs. But I found a rocking recliner at Costco when I was pregnant with DS! It’s so comfortable. Still my favorite chair in the whole house! It’s still in his room, which is the baby/guest room as well. 

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  • Okay you guys are all showing me up. For my daughter we painted the room sky blue around the top with green beadboard around the bottom. We never put up the decals we got for her walls. Baby boy doesn't even have a room. He'll sleep in the pack-n-play in our room (unless he ends up in our bed like our girl did). Of our four bedrooms, one is my husband's office and one is designed to be an office but we use it for storage (hubs doesn't like it because he feels all the built-in cabinets and shelves prevent him from arranging it to his satisfaction). He'll either suck it up and move into the study, or remodel the garage. Eventually. My daughter barely uses her own room, though, so I don't feel too bad.

  • @ec1212 I used/use a glider that has a recline function and I love it. I didn’t actually use it much for nursing because I mostly did side lying but we use it for reading and my husband used it A LOT during the 3 month stretch early on when DD stopped sleeping through the night. We’ll probably move that into the new nursery.
  • @ec1212 we had a recliner but never used it, and added an ottoman instead. My husband used that chair a lot but I always found it hard to get up & out of if baby fell asleep in my arms, and I honestly sat on an exercise ball instead because I could get up really smoothly. Kinda ruined the aesthetic of the room though 😂
  • @texas_t coming together so quickly!!
  • We have a recliner in my husband's office and a glider with ottoman downstairs. The recliner is a lot harder to get out of.

    We don't have a room but I did buy this mobile. I don't have a theme, though--apparently I'm attracted to both outer space and dinosaurs, so I'm considering this theme "science." (For reference, my daughter's theme was Super Mario, but we never put her decals up.)

  • @ec1212 when my daughter was under a year I almost exclusively nurses her in a recliner. We eventually moved it to the living room when she stopped nursing. I did get a smaller recliner that’s easier to get out of that some. My mom has giant recliners and they are hard to get out of all the time. However a glider or rocker would probably be easier to get out of. With doing a football hold I found the recliners soft arms to be nice if her legs rested on it, but since I used a full regular sized pillow that took a while. 

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