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To have a 2nd child or not?!

I am 80% sure I want to have a 2nd and always have, but I am so scared about it all! I had some post-partum anxiety/depression and it is a million times better now that my little girl is almost a year and a half and I am just so happy and content right now. So even though I maybe want a second, is it a gamble I should take again and potentially losing how content and happy I am right now?! My husband 500% wants another and I always have, but I'm scared! Curious for advice from people who may have felt the same way and then did have another... 
Thanks xo


  • It's like the thought of starting all over again is frightening... What if this was is a baby that isn't half as "good" as my 1st and I get even less sleep or have problems breastfeeding or feel so overwhelmed staying home alone with 2 kids by myself during the week?! (I am stay at home mama 5 days a week). Anyways, classic overthinker here, thought it might help to ask for advice/vent haha
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