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HCG doubling time

My first draw at 13dpo was 193 and my second at 15dpo was 414- that’s a doubling time of 43 hours. My concern though is that it appears that my levels had to nearly triple to get up to 193 by 13dpo and now it appears that it has slowed down to slightly more than doubling. Should I be concerned? 

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  • The only thing you can do is keep getting betas every 48 hours and seeing if the numbers continue to double.  It's doubling right now, and that is good news.  You need to stay calm and discuss any concerns you have beyond that with your doctor.
  • I'm confused.... your first blood draw was 193, but your numbers had to triple to get to 193 by 13dpo? How would you know that if it was your first blood draw?

    Anyway, my understanding is that doubling times will decrease as you get further along. It's normal.
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  • Normal is still 48-72hrs up to about 1200 HCG. Then it slows to 72-96hrs. You are well within that range.
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  • Hi! I am 5 weeks tomorrow. I asked yesterday for a beta test to check levels because I had a miscarriage in August. My HCG is at 11,669. The nurse said that would make me like 7/8 weeks pregnant. I don’t really know much of anything about levels and the doc never called me back. I had my period start Dec 26 and we were using protection up until Jan 4th-ish. Anyone have any knowledge about this? Now of course my mind goes to Twins... and it’s the weekend so I won’t speak to a doctor until next week.
  • http://www.betabase.info/

    HCG levels vary wildly. The only way to know for sure is when you go for your u/s. Good luck. 
  • @stephaniewagner The point of having a HCG Beta draw is that you're supposed to get a second one 48 hours later.  If they double, you are good.  If they don't double, you are most likely headed towards MC or it could indicate other problems.  If the number more than doubles (like astronomically so), then it could indicate an ectopic.  One number alone is only good enough to tell you that it reached a certain level, as @BuckeyeNut05
     pointed out, HCG levels vary wildly.  You have a very good number though, so chances are they may just tell you to wait until your first appointment/ultrasound.
  • Thank you! Yes, they just told me to wait until my first ultrasound. They can’t justify more testing without having spotting or other troubling symptoms. My pregnancy symptoms have hit pretty heavy early this time so thinking everything is ok. I won’t know until March 1. 
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