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Ways of grieving support and advice

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Hi there,

I had second trimester loss a few months ago and lost my baby girl at 18 weeks. It has been an emotional roller-coaster but each day gets a little bit better. Just looking for ways others have coped with their losses, and perhaps getting ideas too.

I have found reading about others' losses have helped me to know I am not alone. A good article that has helped me is: Walking in the Footsteps of a Grieving Mother - Financial Fred (https://financialfred.com/walking-in-the-footsteps-of-a-grieving-mother/)

If you could share your ideas, that would be great. Thanks

Re: Ways of grieving support and advice

  • For me, it was time, acknowledging my feelings, allowing myself to grieve, and recognizing that my loss was not a failure on my part. It was my body doing what it's supposed to. One thing I read was the cell division process failed me this time, and my body knew what to do. 
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