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Hi everyone!

My OBGYN has retired since my son was born at Mercy almost 5 years ago. I’ve seen a few other doctors in the practice and I’m not a huge fan. I heard Mercy labor and delivery has now moved to Magee, and I have no interest going there anyways.
I’m interested in either St Clair, West Penn, or Jefferson. I can’t find any information on the doctors with Allegheny Heath Network. I found the list of doctors on the AHN website, but no info on their practice. I plan on calling the Brentwood location to ask a few questions, but does anyone have any recommendations or info? Zubritsky and Christy at St. Clair have a lot of info on their website such as when the first appointment will be, sonograms, and COVID changes. I was hoping for something similar to compare my options.
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