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Strange period, faint bfp turnednegative, possible miscarriage.

Okay, so to start out, my periods just returned after breastfeeding for a few years. I was using opk's and monitoring cm. My second cycle, I was 2 weeks late and it wasn't a normal period at all. It was dark brown and had lots of very fleshy bits. Never turned red or had blood clots other than dark blobs that fell in the toilet. I had lots of pregnancy symptoms, but I always test too early and was holding out on testing since I was cramping a bit.

Almost a week after it stopped I was still nauseous, so I tested and had an obvious faint bro. I told my husband I thought I was pregnant and we got another test 2 days later, which was clearly negative. I thought the first test was just a fluke, so I brushed it off.

This month I just started my period and it was completely normal, but I just started getting a weird feeling about my last "period". Last month I did a lot of googling to try and figure out why it was wonky. The word miscarriage kept popping up in my search, but I guess I just never let myself believe that's what it was. I was holding out hope that it would've been implantation bleeding.

Now I'm so sick to my stomach and can't stop worrying about it. I've never experienced anything like that, but now I'm worried about it happening again. Does this sound like I miscarried?

Re: Strange period, faint bfp turnednegative, possible miscarriage.

  • It sounds like your body is trying to regulate after breastfeeding and attempting to return to some new normal for you.  Nausea and blood clots are very common with AF, even if you personally had never experienced it before. IF you are PG enough (even when miscarrying) to be experiencing PG symptoms, then you will be able to turn a test positive.  

    If you actually thought you were having a miscarriage, then you should have called your doctor.  You can't just have a wonky 'period' and then attempt to count yourself as a loss mom.  Chances are you had an evap line on your 'obvious faint bro' and just had a wonky period as it was only your second cycle after AFs returning, and I've heard those can be awful until they regulate out.  Additionally, you have a living child at home and are worrying about something that may or may not have happened, that you aren't even sure was a PG. MC happens. If it happens to you in the future, then it happens to you.  There's not going to be anything you can do to stop it. The best you can do is prepare your body, physically and emotionally, for a healthy PG and let fate decide. There is no point in worrying about it to the point that you are physically sick, especially since it sounds like you're in the special group of having a living child with no prior MCs, and thus probably the lowest possible chances / normal chances of having one.

    AF can be weird. TTC can be difficult. MC happens. You have to calm down if you are going to attempt to continue to have another living child.  Trust me.  I've had 5 PGs, and they all ended in MC.  I have no living children at home. You are lucky. It's too late to worry about what happened last cycle, which was more likely than not your body attempting to recover and return to having regular cycles. And you had a negative test after your possible positive one, plus a 'normal' cycle, so even if it were a MC it appears your body has moved on and there is no residual HCG in your system, so just keep moving forward.

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  • Honestly it sounds like you had a Chemical Pregnancy or very early miscarriage. If it was a faint positive, then it was still positive. Unfortunately, Chemical Pregnancies happen fairly often... over the years I have experienced several and even one late miscarriage. Even having my own children now, experiencing a MC does not get easier and it is alright to feel upset and grieve. From my personal experience, I have pumped for almost 6 years through 3 kids and the only time my period was off was when I had a miscarriage. I hope everything turned out alright and you allowed yourself to grieve. 
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  • @capnjackharkness You have the nerve to tell that woman how to feel?? So what she has a living child is she not suppose to feel anyway if she believes she has experienced a loss ? Just ridiculous.
  • @peachyprincess I'm so sorry you're going through  this. I am going through a miscarriage tonight. I found  out today I have Covid and I'm sure that's what took a toll on my pregnancy. This is one of the worst feelings I have Ever experienced in my life. I'm am hurting,  sad, mad,  angry I feel unless. I'm  pray you got the answers  you needed.  I know this thread was posted a couple of months ago. I was searching and this popped up.
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