One & Done: Only child

Feeling better about my one and done choice

My husband and I weren't able to heave a biological child. We could only afford to try IUIs and they didn't work. We couldn't afford IVF or adoption agency fees. I personally didn't want to rely on fostering because of the main goal of keeping families together. We'd just about given up hope when we were contacted out of the blue by a friend of the family to adopt. We are beyond thankful.
Because of our difficulties I've always thought the chance of a sibling for our daughter would be slim. Meanwhile I like the time we can spendwith just her, what we can afford if we don't try to have another child etc. Our daughter is two and we talk abhor a sibling but due to our issues it feels like the decision has been made for us.
I just found out my sister is having a baby and it feels like a mini solution! My sister and I are best friends and though I can't guarantee our kids will be too I feel better knowing there'll be another kid around. She's not telling anyone yet so I have to use an anon board to voice my excitement lol

DH -35
Married in 2008
Started TTC in 2011
Began testing May 2014
Test Results
HSG- clear
Hysteroscopy- clear
SA- 11 mil count
45% motility
Diagnosis: MFI
July 2014: Femera 5mg CD 4-8, Trigger, IUI = BFN
August 2015: Femera 5mg CD 4-8, Trigger, IUI = BFN
September 2015: Femera 5mg CD 4-8, Trigger, IUI = BFN
May 2018 after long period of not trying, starting adoption process with family friend's newborn
November 2018 Adoption complete!

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