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Induce dates anyone?

Has anyone served their LO with an eviction notice? 

At today's appointment we set an induce date of Dec 21st. That's 38 weeks. Excited, yet nervous.  Trying to get last minute things done now, feels like last minute cramming for a final exam.... 

Re: Induce dates anyone?

  • Im a bit farther behind, not due until 1/26 but plan on asking my Dr at my next appointment if I can be induced. 

    I had PUPPS with my son and they induced me at 39 weeks and it was wonderful (as wonderful as labor can be). I’m so nervous and worried over Covid, and how far away our families are (to watch DS) that having an induction date will really put my mind at ease. 
  • Not an induction date, but a repeat c-section date of 1/4. I haven't officially decided on a repeat c-section; I thought it would be nice to let her try to get out on her own, but I'm kind of leaning toward it.
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  • I have precipitous labors (each around 2.5 hours total) so I can be schedule to be induced at 39 weeks if I want to, but I’m terrified of induction. How has everyone’s experiences gone with it? Am I being silly to be worried about it? I’m usually mostly effaced and at least 3 cm by 39 weeks. 
  • @aels12 I have also had precipitous labors, and severe hemorrhaging with my first, so they gave me the option to induce with my last three babies, and I took them up on it for the ease of having a for sure date, and someone to watch our other kids. I’m similar to you, usually around 80-90% effaced and 3 cm by 39 weeks, but usually a few weeks before then too. Inductions for me went much slower (but not terrible) started around 8 am, baby here by about 4, and in general were pretty easy. The suckiest part is not eating or drinking while being induced, and occasionally I would have to wear an oxygen mask, switch sides, use a peanut ball, or other things towards to end just to ensure baby’s heart rate stayed good. I also have chosen to get an epidural for each of my labors, so I can’t speak as to how an induction would go if you’re wanting to be med free, but I’ve heard they’re much more painful.
    As a side note, I’ve chosen not to get an induction this time (as long as my doc is cool with that). It’s my last baby, and although the inductions went great, there was something awesome and magical about going into labor on my own with my first that I want to enjoy one last time. 
    1st BFP 6/7/10 premature delivery and loss at 22w2d on 10/4/10
    2nd BFP 10/10/11, EDD 6/2/12,natural m/c 10/13/11 at 6w5d
    3rd BFP 12/25/11, DD born 8/31/12
    4th BFP 1/3/14, DD born 9/5/14
    5th BFP 11/15, DS born 7/24/16
    6th BFP 7/14/16, EDD 3/20/18

  • @savykay thank you!! I’m sorry about the hemorrhaging, that’s very scary! I appreciate you sharing your induction experiences, it’s so hard to know what to do. I really want to go into labor on my own again and just want it to go nice and smoothly like my second. My first was immediately so intense it was kind of terrifying, my second progressed like I hear normal labor does (contractions gradually get longer/stronger/closer together, just at a much faster pace than is normal. 
  •  @aels12 I was induced with epidural at 38 weeks with my oldest. Went in at 2 am to start induction. Water was broke about 8 am. I didnt like being confined to the bed and I wasnt able to feel to push.  But with several assisted pushes he arrived at 1:27pm. 
    With the youngest I was induced at 37 weeks with pain med free birth. I went in at midnight. Water was broken about 11. The contractions keeps hitting tonstrong to fast to be productive. They kept having to start and stop the pitocin. I was able to do most of my laboring in a rocking chair. I really liked the mobility of not having an epidural. With only 2 pushes he finally arrived at 7 53pm. That was a long labor and it was quite excruciating but it was because of the stopping and starting of pitocin. The plan with this LO is to be indiced again with no pain meds. 
  • I hadn't even thought to ask about this until I read through this thread.  My OB said today she will probably recommend inducing at 38 weeks but wants to see how a couple more ultrasounds look.  She also told me to consider it induction week instead of induction day... so looking like it'll be closer to 1/14 for now, but not scheduled officially yet.
  • @aels12

    I was induced with my son. I went in on a Tuesday night and the first 36 hours were just prep meds. On Wednesday night they gave me the most wonderful of sleeping pills, and when I woke up around 8am on Thursday they started Pitocin. The doctor broke my water around 1-2. I remember doing a lot of walking the halls after that. Around 4 the pain was getting uncomfortable and I asked for an epidural. Unfortunately I didn’t know I’d need a bag of fluids before getting the epidural placed. Before an hour had passed (and I finished the fluids) I felt the urge to push. The nurse immediately got the doctor and my son was born about 8 minutes later. I went from 4/5cm to ready to push in less than an hour. 

    Personally I liked the whole experience though. Planning what was coming and having the doctors sort of be in control made me feel really reassured the whole time. 
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