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~~~Board Migration Discussion~~~

Okay there's been some discussion of moving the board either to FB or a private group on The Bump.

If people aren't comfortable with FB I think a private group could be a good option especially, tbh, since there have been some non-regulars/spam suddenly popping up the last couple weeks. I've never made one but from what I understand we could approve people to join so we'd know it's just the 12 or 15 of us (or however many regulars there are) who we all recognize and who have participated for a long time. I think other than that it's laid out the same as our current board. 

I would definitely want to be in a private group at least when the baby comes so I could share details/pictures and know random people aren't lurking!

Personally I think I would be ok with a private FB group where we approved people to join, but I get that not everyone is into FB. 


Re: ~~~Board Migration Discussion~~~

  • I heard through the grapevine (another mom in my jan 19 group who was in a different BMB as well) that moderators here aren't approving private groups much anymore. This may totally not be true but worth looking in to? 

    I'm fine with either but would be more active on Facebook. I can't stand the bump app so only check in when I'm on my computer which won't be nearly as often especially on maternity leave. 
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  • I'm ok with either. I think Facebook would be more convenient, but also understand not everyone likes/uses Facebook. 
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  • I don’t have FB :( haven’t had it for years 
    I have an alias account for selling things but that’s it I don’t post or have any pictures 
  • I’m on board with a private group on FB. 
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    I'm getting more and more into the private FB group idea. I think especially since we're a small group it would be nice, and it would feel more personal than another Bump group. I agree with @lacroixliz, FB would probably be easier to check and keep up with and I think the format would be better - everyone could just post about whatever is going on and everyone could see what discussions are going on instead of opening every thread. It seems like an easier way to send a quick note when (for example) you're up at 3am with a baby, just checking in with everyone.

    I don't really use FB either (I like Instagram better), but would use it just for this purpose.

    I've seen people on other boards talk about those who don't use it at all creating accounts just to use the private group, and not including their location or personal details if that's a concern...

    ETA, I was just browsing the November 2020 board's discussion about this from a couple months ago and someone said that your FB profile will still be private to all group members, unless you become FB friends. So we would only see your name and profile photo (or you could make your settings that way) if that helps anyone.
  • @whitealbum29 in my Jan 19 group (not saying we have to do it the same) we have a daily random thread that anyone can start and then you can comment about whatever you want to. When our babies were little we also had a MOTN (middle of the night) thread that you could talk in when you were up with your baby. A few days each week we have different photo threads (like Mommy and Me Monday, HDBD (or baby), etc.) Birth stories can have their own posts if you want to share! Similar rules to the bump as far as including TWs for triggering things.

    It is a private group invite only group that you can't search for so none of your regular Facebook friends could see you were in it or anything that you were posting about. I'm willing to be a moderator if we are interested in going this route!
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    DD born 1/3/2019
    EDD for #2 1/28/2021
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  • I'm on board with the private FB group. It would be easier for me than having to switch between various platforms. Ive been in 2 previous BMC on here. And no one really returns after birth of LO. 
  • I've been on FB with my wedding group for 12 years now so I'm clearly a fan :smile: We definitely got closer when we moved to a private forum. Our first move was to proboards and then we all just wanted to be on a platform that we utilize already so we made the switch to FB.
  • I'll go wherever the group goes because I can use the support!
  • I’m not a big facebook user, but I would be onboard for a private FB group, how public this forum is always gives me pause. My social media use always increases with a new born too because I need to be browsing something to keep me awake during this MOTN feedings, and social media is safer than amazon. 😂
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  • I’m okay with either. With my son’s BMB we moved to a private bump group first and then FB closer to due dates but we’re all getting so close to baby time now that I think FB is probably the best choice. I’m not great about checking the bump app. 
  • Im fine with either. I’m part of a private FB group from the bump that we started 7 years ago and is still very active today. 

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  • I'm on board with a private Facebook group.  I can't stand the bump app which is why I miss some weeks altogether.
  • @lacroixliz That sounds great! It sounds like it will be pretty private for people who are concerned...you may have to change your personal settings to make your profile more private so maybe people will want to check on those. It would be great if you could be an admin/moderator since you've seen what a birth month club looks like, and I can help as well!

    It seems like a big majority of people are feeling good about FB which is good...maybe we could say after Thanksgiving/December 1 we can set it up and start joining? I think @lacroixliz mentioned a system of vetting people as a security check.
  • @whitealbum29 perfect! Lets plan for next week sometime. I'll talk to the moderators in my other BMB to get a reminder of what we did when we started it as far as vetting!
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  • I would be on board for a private group or fb move, I haven’t been super active lately as the bump isn’t too user friendly but am on Facebook more.  
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