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First D&C on Monday

Hey guys, 

I have my D&C on Monday and I’m not only sad but I’m terrified. What should I expect and does it hurt? I have really bad anxiety that has only gotten worse since the miscarriage so this is really hard for me. 

Thank you in advance for your advice! 

Re: First D&C on Monday

  • Sorry for your loss.  Honestly, my D&C was easier than my natural miscarriages.  The procedure was fairly easy/simple/quick/straight-forward.  I was EXHAUSTED afterwards for a few days, but had almost no pain/bleeding!  Just be careful of trying to do TOO much too soon!

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  • I’m so sorry. We tried Misoprostol first - which was absolutely awful and ended up not working properly so we had to do the D&C in addition. I had the procedure after a very hard evening in the ER and my anxiety was through the roof. But honestly, it was super simple and easy. I went home and napped, I had a little spotting afterwards, but otherwise felt totally normal. 
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  • First off, I am so sorry for your loss. I recently had my second miscarriage in a row in four months. My first miscarriage happened naturally and at home. My second miscarriage, it was found through ultrasound and I needed D&C, which I had done last Tuesday. The D & C was much, much easier on me. Painless procedure, minimal bleeding afterwards, minimal aching/cramping afterwards. Just like previous poster said, very tired afterwards. My first MC at home, I bled heavily for what seemed like weeks. I’m a week out from D&C and am no longer bleeding. Just still taking it easy and now working on the healing process. Hugs to you
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