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What to expect from a D&E?

Hi - we’re having a D&E next week and I’m trying not to rely on Dr Google for my info. Has anyone been through it? What should we expect? I’ve had a D&C before (i know - unlucky twice :neutral: ) but the D&E sounds more complicated. 

Re: What to expect from a D&E?

  • I am sorry for your loss.  I have had both, I didn't notice any difference really.  I bled more with my d&e, but nothing too terrible. 
  • Never had a D&C. My D&E was a two day procedure. The first day was an u/s to confirm, then they put in the dilation sticks, uncomfortable but no pain. It did make me nauseous for a bit. The second day was the procedure. They put me under and I woke up a bit later. Pain wasn't unmanageable with meds. 

    You need someone to drive you home both days. I don't remember how much I bled but I don't recall it being excessive.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    *TW* loss history
    BFP 7.7.09 - CVS 9.10.09 (Girl) - 9.24.09 Severe Fatal Malformation - D&E 10.7.09 @ 17wks
    BFP 6.1.10 - 6.10.10 Ectopic M/C @ 5wks
    BFP 10.26.10 - 10.29.10 CP
    BFP 1.30.11 - CVS 3.28.11 (Girl) - EDD 10.11.11 - Born 10.6.11
    BFP 12.18.12 - 12.20.12 CP
    BFP 3.18.13 - CVS 5.21.13 (Girl) - EDD 12.2.13 - Born 11.24.13
    BFP 6.10.14 - CVS 7.2.14 (Girl) - EDD 1.12.15 - Born sleeping 8.6.14 @ 17w5d
    BFP 12.13.19 - 12.17.19 - CP
    BFP 3.2.20 - 3.6.20 - CP
    BFP 8.13.20 - 8.17.20 - CP
    BFP 10.15.20 - 10.28.20 M/C @ 5+6

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  • Echoing what @notawhoops said. I had a D&E in April and the process for me was the exact same. The dilation sticks was probably the worst part of it all. I was in and out of the hospital in maybe 4 hours? It was a pretty easy recovery too, just a bit of pain the first day and then bleeding for maybe 2-3 weeks. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. 
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