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  • @oaktree6 yay for baby boy’s birthday!!
  • Anyone else doubting they make it to due date? Doc has said we will induce either the week before or after Christmas depending on scheduling.  However, I'm not expecting to make it that long. 
  • @AshleyGemini24 My c-section is scheduled for 39 weeks and I'm terrified of going into labor before then. I just like to plan and my parents need to get here to be able to watch DD so having a scheduled date is a lot better for me. I think I'll ask for vaginal checks at 36 weeks just to get a heads up if I'm dilating to be a bit more ready if I do go into labor on my own. 

    I just want to vent that I have zero appetite and its really pissing me off because I love food and I feel like the third trimester is when I should get to eat all the foods that outside of pregnancy I wouldn't normally eat. I should be eating ice cream every night! 
    Me: 36 DH:41
    DD born 1/3/2019
    EDD for #2 1/28/2021
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  • 33 week appointment was today. We got a definite induce date of dec 21st. Yay. Excited. Only 4 weeks left. However she's measuring 2 weeks ahead. So now we just wait. 
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    Just found out at my appt today that most likely when I give birth I will only be allowed to have DH w me. Sad that I can't have mom there, but thank God I can at least have him. Both him AND I will need to wear a mask. Him for the entirety (they won't covid test him) and me for as long as I can basically until pushing. They will test me, so that's assuming I'm negative.  :#

    Congrats to everyone finding out their delivery dates.
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    @lavenderclouds Ugh! This whole thing is just generally the pits. I think the hospitals here went back to allowing a doula as well as partner in the delivery room after lots of pressure from doulas and midwives but we don't have a doula so it will just be us. Do you have to wear a mask until pushing even if you're negative?

    As for me, I had my 32 week (almost 33 really, as of tomorrow) u/s today and baby is breech at this point! Growth looked good though, 39th percentile and 4 lbs. 6 oz. which they said is average. I guess most babies have turned at this point but doctor wasn't too worried, she told me to do some exercises at "Spinning Babies" and mentioned an acupuncture technique but I'll probably start with the exercises. I really thought she was head down (not that I know anything) so I was surprised! She did have her foot up over her head during the u/s so maybe she's been in all different positions.
  • @briemo Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 😊
  • @briemo 🤩 nice job! Your nursery looks like a magazine photo
  • Thank you ladiessss 💕
  • @briemo, it’s so beautiful! 
    @whitealbum29 Two of my babies were breech at the 33 week appointment, and both turned in time for delivery. I did some inversion and spinning a babies exercises, but I don’t know if that did it, or they just decided to move on their own. I never noticed when they flipped, so was pleasantly surprised when I was told they weren’t breech anymore. Good luck! I’ll be sending all the “flip baby!” vibes your way!
    1st BFP 6/7/10 premature delivery and loss at 22w2d on 10/4/10
    2nd BFP 10/10/11, EDD 6/2/12,natural m/c 10/13/11 at 6w5d
    3rd BFP 12/25/11, DD born 8/31/12
    4th BFP 1/3/14, DD born 9/5/14
    5th BFP 11/15, DS born 7/24/16
    6th BFP 7/14/16, EDD 3/20/18

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    @briemo Nicely done! Beautiful nursery. 
    @whitealbum29 They suspect my baby is breech too, so I'm doing inversions. Not too worried yet. Still much time to flip. And, yes, at my hospital they are currently recommending you wear a mask even if you're negative. To protect you against the nurses and staff (wearing masks) who may be symptomless, because they don't test regularly. In practice, not sure how long that mask will stay on me. Probably only minutes bc I plan to use nitrous as my painkiller. And thank God they're still allowing that. 
  • @lavenderclouds Ohhh I used nitrous for about 10 mins during transition with #2 and it was soooo nice. I’m definitely asking for it again 😂
  • @briemo that nursery is stunning!
  • @briemo I love the nursery, it looks so peaceful! I think we're getting that same silicone/wipeable changing pad.
    @savykay Oh good to know! Yeah there is still time. H loves having a project so he's getting a little type-A about doing all the exercises and taking me out for my daily walk :joy: which is also supposed to help - but it seems like something where just relaxing and not trying to force anything is also good!
    @lavenderclouds Yeah I think they said I'll have to wear one too as long as I can but if I can't deal with it they'll accommodate that. I also want to use nitrous! I listened to a podcast a couple years ago that said it was making a comeback as a painkiller so was excited that my hospital offers it. I hope they're still using it even with rising cases, they stopped for a while and then brought it back last time I checked...fingers crossed. 
  • Welp after I came here and told you all how stoked I was to use nitrous again this delivery, my OB confirmed that the hospital is not allowing it to be used because of COVID. Womp womp 
  • @carleym93 Ugh that sucks! I am mentally preparing myself for them to tell me the same. :(
  • Ahh I've been MIA the past few days with the holiday and then our little weekend trip to an Airbnb in the woods. @lacroixliz should I do anything to help re: FB migration? I guess I'll just post a weekly check-in here for now and we can figure it out this week!
  • @whitealbum29 I just checked in with my other BMB admins about how we transitioned so I'll keep you updated and hopefully we can do it this week. Are you okay to be an admin with me? We need at least 2 of us so not one person has total control :)
    Me: 36 DH:41
    DD born 1/3/2019
    EDD for #2 1/28/2021
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  • @lacroixliz Yeah definitely! :) Thanks for checking with them!
  • briemo said:
    Nursery is finally done! 💙

    & Play area coming along! (Gate is to keep dogs out)
    Looking great! Nice.
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