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Symptoms Thread 10/31

How far along are you?

How are you feeling this week?

GTKY: What is your all-time favorite meal?

Re: Symptoms Thread 10/31

  • 14 weeks today

    No more nausea! I still get super tired as soon as it gets dark outside though. And anyone else getting super emotional? It’s a roller coaster over here. 

    Wow, that is a really tough one, favorite meal.... I really love food. Every time we go on vacation, I research all the restaurants so I know where to get the good stuff! Not necessarily fancy, just great traditional foods. I think I have to say that my favorite meal is Dim Sum. 

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  • @mimser drooooooling. I love all those foods... Greek is one of my favs. Can’t even imagine having it that authentically!! Yum! 
  • brynn_mamaof4brynn_mamaof4 member
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    How far along are you? 11 + 4

    How are you feeling this week? It’s been a decent week. I’m still battling bad nausea but I’d say it’s improving. Holy moly am I still exhausted though, more so this week than the others! I would love to check into a hotel room and not leave the bed for like 3 solid days. 

    GTKY: What is your all-time favorite meal? Yikes, these are so tough to answer. I generally LOVE all kinds of foods, eating at new restaurants, experiencing new cultures through food, etc (funny to say that bc now I turn my nose up at most everything while pregnant lol). I will say my favorite comfort meal.. on a cold day or something I want after I’ve been sick... is grilled cheese and tomato soup. 
  • @brynn_mamaof4 that’s what I had for dinner! 
  • @gusgus14 yum!! If you haven’t made grilled cheese with sliced Hawaiian bread... just do it! It is so amazingly delicious. The sweetness of the bread almost makes it carmelize a little as it grills 🤤 
  • I'm 11+4.
    Yes @yellingbanana I'm crying at the drop of a hat, good and bad. I started the Why I'm crying thread, and then never posted, because there were too many things making me cry to list, or to pick just one.
    The nausea is mostly better, but still getting spurts here and there.
    The main thing is the exhaustion, I can barely keep my eyes open, but I'm not sure if it's from the pregnancy, or children who don't understand the clock change.
  • I’m 12+6 today and think I’m over the hump of nausea! It so quickly turned into indigestion though, I feel full all the time and so I just make myself eat every couple hours to avoid feeling empty/weak. And for the past three days, in the afternoon, I get a splitting headache behind my eyebrow (I usually think these are caffeine headaches but I haven’t had caffeine since August, so must be pregnancy). 
    My mood has been ATROCIOUS and I’m a raging b*** to my husband and coworkers. It’s awful. Everyone irritates me and I feel terrible about it. I try my best to catch myself but sometimes the rage just seeps out! 
  • @ccmrc143 I got this headache on and off since last night too! I remember getting it the day of my 12 weeks during my last pregnancy, and then it never came back.
  • 12 weeks today

    Finally feeling better! I still feel queasy all day but I haven't taken Zofran since Saturday morning which is very exciting for me. I still carry it around with me though, just in case. 

    My favorite meal is probably our rehearsal dinner for sentimental reasons. The food was delicious and it was so nice to have everyone there and be able to actually talk to them all. 
  • How far along are you? 11w1d

    How are you feeling this week? so far okay! still tired but i actually didnt need to nap this weekend so it seems like maybe im turning the corner

    GTKY: What is your all-time favorite meal? this is hard.  i love a good steak with potatoes and a good red wine.  but if you're asking my favorite meal experience? many of the meals i enjoyed in Maui would be on that list.  something about being in paradise makes food taste better, i am convinced!!
  • 13 weeks 1 day

    I have an itchy rash pretty much anywhere my clothes touch. So that's super fun. 
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