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Alright ladies, we all have something we're afraid of. What is your greatest fear or phobia? 

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  • Oh man I have a ton. Deep water is a huge one of mine. 
  • Ocean animals and roaches (like the big gnarly water bugs).  

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  • I’m a pretty big wimp when it comes to bugs in general but specifically spiders and silverfish. Luckily my 9 yo son is my bug killer now! 

    I also am afraid to climb ladders. I’m not afraid of heights... just ladders. No clue why! 
  • Tornadoes. A couple years ago I was driving through an area where they were actively touching down, but I was on a highway with no exits for miles and miles. Obviously I didn't know this was going to be happening when I started driving - it was a weather situation that escalated quickly in Massachusetts of all places - not known for tornadoes. Most scared I've ever been, I think.
  • @ec1212 tornadoes are another big one of mine! My in-laws street got hit pretty bad in Western Mass by a tornado a few years ago. We had one come about a mile from our house this Spring.
  • I am irrationally afraid of alligators. Like why do they even exist😫

  • I hate heights. I hiked a new mountain in Maine this summer, not realizing the huge scramble at the top was sheer rock face with a pipe handle embedded in the rock. Lol I stopped and put my face in the rock and cried before putting my big girl pants on and finished the climb. I sat on top of the mountain, didn’t go to the edge, and then shuffled back down 😅
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    Tsunamis. I was a young adult when the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami happened. The amount of lives lost, the images, the devastation was surreal. I live in the Seattle area, so they aren’t a real threat here because we aren’t exposed the the open ocean. But when we travel along the coast, it’s always on my mind. I pay attention to the tsunami evacuation routes!! 
    One time we stayed in a hotel on the beach in San Diego, and I was so worried, I didn’t sleep a wink. 

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  • Tearing my achilles 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now, logically, there are a hundred other worse things that could happen, but do I become paralyzed with anxiety when I think about those other things? Nope. 
  • Diseases... I've always been worried I would catch something by cutting myself somewhere out of the house
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