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🍬Meal Plan Monday - 10/26

What's your plan to keep yourself and bebe well-fed (or at least fed!) this week? If you have no plan/food is your enemy right now, what is your fave Halloween candy??

Re: 🍬Meal Plan Monday - 10/26

  • Still in the Wild West Kitchen over here, but definitely eating more vegetables now, so feeling hopeful! I also made it Sunday-Saturday last week without ordering any takeout...a pregnancy milestone lol.

    Groceries are 90% prepared/packaged foods again this week but I got a couple fixins' to cook if my energy comes back again this week (I ordered groceries on a high-energy day, so I got a little optimistic).

    In the fridge/freezer
    • potato salad
    • spinach/artichoke dip
    • parsnip/carrot veggie burgers (more like latkes)
    • kale burgers
    • pre-made family-sized vat of fettuccine alfredo
    • saag paneer (spinach/indian cheese dish)
    • thin crust pizza and bagel pizza bites
    • fish sticks - seeing if I can sneak seafood back in my life!
    • grapes and blueberries/strawberries
    • mozz cheese sticks
    • grass-fed beef jerky (again, trying to sneak in that protein)
    • plain gelato (fior de latte - just milk, not flavored at all) 
    • might make a spicy butternut squash pasta bake. if not, the squash is frozen so it will hold.
    • orecchiette with broccoli rabe and crispy chickpeas (since I couldn't tolerate the sausage last time I planned to  make this, just replacing it with plant protein)
    And I think I've transitioned back to regular cold water permanently and am off seltzer/flavored things. Grateful for this, can use all the calories back for for food instead of empty sugary things!
  • My plan is to eat what sounds good and 90% of the time, that's something with buffalo sauce.
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  • @ec1212 Pretty much! I have a bottle of hot sauce sitting on my desk at work, lololol.  
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  • I got freshly delivered to try out this week! Hoping it means less door dashed meals. I’m having a hard time cooking foods so hoping this does the trick. 
  • I gave up and got prepared meals delivered to my house by my friend’s local catering company. I feel good about it because I’m supporting their business, and I don’t have to cook! 

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  • We did better this week.  

    pesto chicken with tortellini

    chicken fajitas

    pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.  

    we had marinated beef tips with zucchini, peppers and mushrooms and that was good.  I may try to make a balsamic rosemary marinade to make something similar in the future

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  • I've been on a carb and cheese kick (shocking, I know).
    Sunday was supposed to be leftovers, but I made DH run out and buy frozen perogies, and then because he's awesome he fried them for me.
    Last night we did noodles and cheese.
    Tonight I really want to make schnitzel, but I'm trying to decide if that's realistic given what my energy levels have been after work these days.
    After that 🤷‍♀️
  • I really didn't want to cook last night so I couldn't bring myself to respond to this thread! 😅

    We ended up reheating that quiche I had in the freezer for weeks now, I really enjoyed. I realize anything with bread or dough makes me happy.

    As for the rest of the week, I really have nothing planned...we have a lot of leftovers of butternut squash soup that we serve with some crispy shredded duck.

    I also have tofu we'll probably eat tomorrow night, caramelized, with rice and a green.

    We'll improvise for the rest, but we have a lot of stuff: squash, chicken legs, salmon, scallops, sausages, burgers
  • @mrosek91 Yesterday I saw a friends Facebook post with perogies and almost stopped everything to go make some. I wish I could find frozen perogies where I live. The first things I buy and eat when I go home. I guess I could just buy some pot stickers. Equally addicting. I wish this week wasn't so busy. 

    @mimser I tend to ignore this thread because it makes me so hungry or creative, especially if I don't have the time. 

    Off to figure out how to cook short ribs. 
  • We made homemade RI hot weiners this weekend spontaneously (if you don’t know, you should 🤤)

    gonna get groceries tonight with DH - been on a Mac and cheese and salad kick. I’ve really been wanting tortellini pasta salad with chicken, so that may happen. Lots of raw veggies with ranch and French dressing. I can’t quite think of things I want to eat until I see them, so hopefully I don’t end up with a basket of entirely craving foods. 

    You gals gave me some yummy ideas though! 
  • ec1212ec1212 member
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    Update: this spicy pasta bake recipe is bomb (and I cooked! yay!) -

    I made a few mods:
    - omitted cumin & spinach cause my pregnancy mouth is not feeling those 
    - used frozen butternut squash purée instead of cooking down from scratch - just to make it easier on myself 
    - used mini mozz balls (ciliegine size) instead of ripping up a big ball by hand ‘cause it makes it more fun to eat to have your own personal little pools of cheese. Mmmm. 

    It’s basically baked ziti with extra veggies snuck in there. Very yum!

  • @ec1212 that's my kind of dish!
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