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Pregnancy dreams anyone???

I just woke up in a panic because I could not wake myself up from my dream. I lucid dream every night, there's always a point where I recognize I'm dreaming and I can easily wake myself up. 

It was so real, taking place in my home. I knew it wasn't real when everything changed and it was suddenly Christmas. It wasn't a scary dream, I just wanted water. My mouth was so dry. But I knew I was dreaming and I've never not been able to wake myself up when I know. I just couldn't do it. I started yelling at my husband in my dream, trying so hard to get him to wake me up. Eventually, I somehow managed to bite my finger and it was enough to pull me out and wake me up. But it took me a minute to make sure I wasn't still dreaming.

I've always had really vivid dreams, but whew! These new dreams are on a whole new level and I don't think I like it.

Anyone else been having crazy pregnancy dreams? 
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Re: Pregnancy dreams anyone???

  • That sounds scary! I had something similar a few weeks ago, where I was dreaming a really vivid dream, then “woke up”, could see my bedroom around me etc but I couldn’t move my body for maybe 5-10 seconds, then finally jolted up. I haven’t had that again though! 
  • Not crazy but I haven't been having dreams I remember in a long time before I got pregnant, and now I'm having more time that I wake up realizing I had a dream. This morning I don't know what I was dreaming beforehand but then I heard a woman calling "Elf! Elf!" 

    Turns out one of our kittens was stepping on an electronic notepad of my daughter's and it was saying "L. L." And then it said some other letters as the cat walked on more of them. 

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  • I haven't had anything like that. But I am having super vivid dreams every night and it's really not helping the quality of my sleep. If I work late then I dream about work, we watched Chernobly and I had dreams about that, I filled out my ballot and had a dream about that🙄 

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    No pregnancy dreams. I usually don't remember my dreams much at all.  I've been remembering them a little more than usual, but nothing disturbing.  If you wake up feeling like you're still dreaming, it can be helpful to identify one thing from each of your senses. I feel my soft comforter, I hear the hum of the ac/heater, I smell ..., I taste... I see...

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  • Yup for sure. Not to be incredibly morbid, but I always have dreams about monsters and death of some kind. Ever since I was a kid, they’re the only kind I remember having. I didn’t really dream or remember my dreams before being preggo, but now it’s every night. If I take unison before bed it sometimes stops them, but not 100%. They’re not night terrors or “scary dreams” where I have bad reactions or anything, it’s just like watching a horror movie feeling, and being glad it’s just on TV when you wake up. 
  • YES! So I never had these vivid dreams with my last two pregnancy but definitely having them now. I hate how they wake me up and then it takes me forever to get back to sleep. I don't use Unisom for nausea anymore but now take it when I can't fall back asleep!
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