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Symptoms Thread 10/24

How far along are you?

How are you feeling this week?

GTKY: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Re: Symptoms Thread 10/24

  • How far along are you? 10w3d

    How are you feeling this week? Not too bad! The nausea is on it's way out I think! Just a few light waves the past couple of days. A slight soreness in the breasts. I got up 3 times to pee last night I hope it won't be like that from now... I was only getting up once before. My mood though... have my SO in your thoughts because the poor guy can't do anything right 😅

    GTKY: What’s your biggest pet peeve? When somebody just won't stop sniffling! Blow your nose please!
  • How far along are you?
    12 weeks, 1 day

    How are you feeling this week?
    Meh. Thought I was feeling better but the last two days my nausea has been bad again (though not unbearable) and I don’t have much of an appetite. The last meal I finished was my lunch on Friday. 

    GTKY: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
    I have a thousand but slow walkers and groups who take up the entire sidewalk/path are pretty high on the list. 
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  • Annnnnd I had to puke into an empty shopping bag on our way home from Target this morning.
  • Might be TMI, but how is your discharge these days? I'm 10w6d and let's just say my underwear has a damp spot for most of the day these days. It's light/watery, clear/whitish. Looks and smell like regular discharge, but I definitely feel more wet than the last couple of weeks.
  • @mimser I noticed the same thing on random days! Usually (pre pregnancy) I’m not really a dischargey type of gal lol. Some days I’m fine, other days I’m thinking “well that’s interesting”. But everything I’ve read says it’s normal. I usually end up getting a sinus infection later in my pregnancies from increased mucus production across the board lol and stuff 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • I've started doing that thing where I get really shaky if I don't eat by a certain time.  Lousy feeling! lol
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  • @mimser definitely more discharge going on! Especially if I’m active. 

    13+3 today!

    Feeling great during the day! I’ve been bringing my house back from its neglected state. I have been doing yard work and chores, back to preschool teaching with my toddlers. Still not cooking much though. 

    Pet peeves! I agree with @gusgus on the slow walkers. But I think driving under the speed limit hits me the hardest. Here is WA there are so many people that drive under the speed limit, and in the fast lane too. It’s super frustrating. Especially because we live in SoCal for a few years, when we came back to WA it was even more painful than before. 

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  • It’s officially maternity pants time. Putting all of my regular jeans away today, as I won’t be able to wear them again for at least a year. My tummy is significant at almost 14 weeks. It’s so funny how the first baby is barely noticeable, and each subsequent one pops out sooner! 

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  • @yellingbanana I'm impressed you made it this long! I broke out the maternity pants around week 6 and by week 9 I had to do the hair tie trick with my panel jeans. 
  • 12+2 today and just bought a pair of maternity pants. I wasn't expecting to make it that long lol 3rd baby
  • I forgot the GTKY as usual  :s 

    I feel like an ungrateful b*^ch saying this, but my current peeve is that DH frequently doesn't care how he puts dishes away, mostly the storage containers and big utensils. He doesn't take the time to put them back in an organized fashion, or throws lids together backwards so they don't all fit. SO MINOR. But so annoying. Everything fits neatly if you just put them how you found them! If this is my biggest gripe lately, then I feel pretty lucky haha.

    In the before times, it was when people didn't wait for folks to get off the subway before getting on, or not saying thank you when you hold the door open for them. 

  • @ec1212 Hahaha, sadly this week has been exactly the same for me. I don't know why it's so frustrating to find a pot on the top, when it "obviously" fits somewhere in the middle of the stack. I've basically been fuming for a couple weeks everytime I walk in the kitchen and find something in the wrong place. Especially when it's not even close. I confronted my husband and said, if you don't know where it goes, don't put it away. He said, his pet peeve is things left out. 😅 Well hopefully it stops bothering me soon, because it is not worth it to be angry about it. 
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