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Disappointed with breastmilk production

I've been exclusively pumping as my supply is low and after being bruised from bad latches, I've been giving breastmilk in bottle and also supplementing.
been chugging water, pumping 7-8 times a day for 20 minutes and yet have to work hard to produce a tiny amount.
its 7 days now since I am power pumping and I got just an Oz from each boob. 

Anyone else had a similar experience and it got better?

Re: Disappointed with breastmilk production

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  • Have you gone to see an LC? Have you tried to relatch baby now that they are older? Has baby been check for a tongue tie/lip tie? The is never going to give you an accurate measure of your output. They pump cant replace baby. My suggestion is to go see an LC and have them look at baby and try to latch. 
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  • I am breastfeeding and was pumping to supplement at first. I was worried about my supply since my DD always seemed to be hungry. I found that oatmeal helped not only my milk production but also the fat content somehow. Also I made lactation cookies with flaxseed, ground oats and brewers yeast which seemed to help also.  There are lots of recipes for lactation cookies on Pinterest but you can also adjust other recipes if you are craving a certain kind (I made pumpkin chocolate chip from a recipe I adapted to make into a location Cookie.)  I'm now producing enough to  freeze for later.

    Also on the latching have you tried nipple shields? There are several my daughter still had issues with the Medela shield but latched consistently with the lansinoh shield which would help with the bruised nipples too. Hang in there mama you got this!
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