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Too many ultrasounds and Autism?

I am high risk bc I'm 38 and it's twins. Even though everything looks fine so far, my doctor told me I would have a scan at least once a month, then even more often later on. Is that really necessary? Besides the cost, I've been reading about a possible connection between u/s scans and ASD. Any thoughts or experience with this? Did anyone have a ton of u/s throughout pregnancy? 

Re: Too many ultrasounds and Autism?

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    I had an issue with my cord being to short I believe it was called marginal cord insert. I had to have multiple ultrasounds done a month. My son is now 4 almost 5 and doesn’t have autism :) 
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    Had sooo many ultrasounds with my high risk- no autism. 

    Not a link there- more a correlation not causation- children with autism, downs, other mental or cognitive disabilities have a high co morbidity with other high risk things I.e. heart issues- so lots of ultrasounds- but that isn’t what is causing it.
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    mybimbamybimba member
    Not sue about that but I refused anything invasive or internal .
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    lullabytimelullabytime member
    edited July 2023
    I read a book I got from Amazon by Jim West and he claims there is prenatal risk from ultrasounds. It’s only my personal opinion that there is a high correlation and if I were in that position, I would still get the 20 week one but limit additional ones unless there is a problem with a medical question the scan seeks to answer.
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    I wouldn’t be concerned about that at all! I agree with a previous user where risk factors that we are monitoring for may be linked but not the ultrasound itself. I’ve studied ASD for years and that has never came across in any of the literature I have seen. :)
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