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🍇Meal Plan Monday - 10/19

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What's your plan to stay well-fed this week? Got some meals planned, or is there a takeout craving calling your name? 
Also - what snacks are working for you lately?

Re: 🍇Meal Plan Monday - 10/19

  • No plan over here. We're in the Wild West, and I told hubby to give me his grocery list for whatever he wants to make himself for dinner 'cause I'm not cooking until second tri.

    What I'm working with:
    • drinks: Spindrift grapefruit flavor seltzer and plain seltzer
    • seedless green grapes - Trader Joe's has this "cotton candy" variety and I found them from my grocery delivery company so I loaded up. I've never been a big grape person but these have been my JAM lately! And I feel like I'm sneaking in some extra hydration, too.
    • cheese sticks and Babybel cheese rounds - extra protein mmm
    • Greek salad / Greek orzo pasta salad (premade) - just been wanting these lately
    • oatmeal with added walnuts and sometimes ground flax or chia seed - good fiber, it's gentle on my tummy and the nuts or seeds add some non-animal protein
    • pre-made pierogis - will fry these up tonight and serve with sour cream. Maybe I'll sauté some onions if I'm feeling frisky.
    • Hubby will make spaghetti and faux-meat sauce. I will eat it. 😂
    • Craving: Domino's thin crust pizza with banana peppers. I hate to admit that with all the amazing NY pizza all around me, but their thin-crust reminds me of childhood and I have the food preferences of a first-grader rn.
    Lastly, last week I said I was craving a Snickers ice cream bar, hubby went out and got me one, and in our freezer it sits. All I want is grapes now. LOL.
  • Oh! I'm also going to make my own chili fries with frozen fries and pre-made vegetarian chili. I blame @texas_t 😂

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  • @ec1212 OMG they're sooooo good, you won't regret it. I, personally, love them with mustard, but I know that is weird for some people!
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  • Baked potatoes, baked potatoes, and oh, baked potatoes.
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  • Oh! I also got some pre-cooked turkey burgers...I'm still very touch and go with animal protein but this sounds good this week so I'm gonna use them for lunches, topped with avocado or salsa verde and put them on some salad greens. This is how I used to eat (mostly protein and green veg with healthy, yummy fats), so I'm hoping the more I can tolerate eating like this, the more my energy will come back. 
  • I have been eating absolute crap for weeks but today it’s cold and rainy here so I made this lentil veggie soup & added nutritional yeasts & crackers. It was sooooo good and the first time I’ve truly enjoyed something super healthy in a whiiiile 😂
  • Well today I ate a can of beefaroni and considered it a victory 🤣 I’ve been dying for caprese salads but if I don’t get it as soon as the craving hits, I have no desire for anything. Tonight I’m making fried kielbasa and whatever for my fiancé and DD who would only survive on fast food and goldfish otherwise. I’m normally super into foodie stuff and love crazy recipes, but lately I’m lucky if I have the appetite for water and crackers. 

    When I’m having a good day, fresh broccoli and French dressing has been a god send. Although I’ve found it impossible to find a more natural French dressing??? I went grocery shopping last week and ended up with a basket of random craving food that could maybe be forced into some kind of prison meal 😅 I’m asking my fiancé for suggestions before I go tomorrow or I’m coming back with just a pound of broccoli and a pallet of beefaroni. Oh and 5 gallons of lemonade which has also been a huuuuge craving the past few weeks. 
  • cooked seafood gumbo last night and bought stuff for smoothies.  All I really want to eat lately is smoothies.  I bought some flax, chia and hemp seeds to add to my smoothies and to up the fiber.  hopefully that helps to keep the bowels moving.  I'm loving peanut butter and banana for my smoothies lately.  Its basically a healthy milkshake.  

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  • Oups it's Tuesday!

    Last night we had curried trout and spinach quinoa.
    Tonight will be Caramelized Pork Meatballs with rice and a salad.
    Tomorrow will be Lemony Greek Rice Pilaf
    Thursday will be [...], probably a frozen pizza, I love pizza these days...
    Friday will be steaks, with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts 

    Any sandwich works really well with me these days! Egg BLTs, or veggie ones! Today I made myseld a panini with Fontina, grilled peppers and spinach for lunch.

    Also smoothies go down really well. I make them with just yogourt, frozen fruits and maple syrup.
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