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Going through my first D&C in a few days and I’m terrified. Just want people’s experiences and what it was like after the procedure. And how long it took people to get their first period. Thanks

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    Hey @Knottie1472073572 - so sorry you have to go through this! Thoughts with you during these tough times ♡  IMO, in many cases a D&C can be a more straightforward "reset" than having a natural mc. I've had two natural mc's and two D&Cs. I was nervous for my first D&C too, but honestly it's not bad from a physical perspective. I had mine done in the outpatient section of my OB's hospital under general anesthesia. They give you some meds to relax you and make you sleepy before administering the anesthesia so you just kind of drift off. You'll feel groggy when you come too and probably tired for the rest of the day, but the pain isn't too bad and you should be able to be up and moving with most of your normal activities by the next day. They'll give you some meds to take home and some follow-up restrictions on sex, tampons, and exercise. Other than that, my experience has been that most of the recovery work is emotionally vs. physically. You'll be okay! You are strong ♡

    **edited to discuss period return. With my D&Cs, I typically saw my period return 4-6 weeks after the procedure. You may have some residual bleeding after for up to a week or you might not have any at all. Just depends. 
  • Thank you so much!!!!
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  • Agreed with @ruby0902 , my D&C was more straightforward and 'easier' than my natural miscarriages.  Be warned though, I was EXHAUSTED for several days following the procedure.  Not sure if it was from the anesthesia or the sadness and hormones in my body or what.  But just, didn't want to get off the couch for several days.

    FYI, the pain after a D&C was almost non-existent for me for several days.  So when I was 'feeling better' and more awake like 4-5 days later, I decided to dig up the sweet potatoes from our garden (which desperately needed done).  BIG mistake. HUGE.  Do NOT do physical activities that are abdomen related for a while after this procedure.  I had SO much pain afterwards... terrible idea and it still hurts thinking about it...

    My period returned around the time it would have, if you count the D&C as your last 'period.'  

    Good luck, and I am sorry for your loss.  :disappointed:

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  • I'm sorry for your loss.  With my first d&c, I got my period back 5 weeks later.  I was a bit crampy that day, but otherwise, I didn't feel terrible.     I had another d&c a few years ago, and I wasn't even given a script for pain after, because typically there shouldn't be any.  
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    I agree with @holly321 !  Had it not been for the sweet potato fiasco (#IAmADumbass) I don't think I would've had almost pain at all from the procedure!

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