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Pregnancy Limbo!

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I’m new to these boards, but really need some insight. I’m 37, a week late, one positive dollar store test, 2 very faint possible positive dollar store tests, 3 at first negative clear blue tests that showed possible faint/evap line next morning, 3 very negative first Response tests with zero evap lines, 1 negative doctors urine test. I’ve been begging my Dr to order a blood test but Kaiser is reluctant and it’s like pulling teeth with them to get one.

So, has anyone experienced anything like this or similar and still been pregnant?! I’m stuck in maybe baby limbo and it’s stressing me out not knowing. I have all symptoms of being pregnant, but also could be late period symptoms.

I attached the most positive looking test that I got.

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Re: Pregnancy Limbo!

  • Hi,did you get a blood test done yet? Positive pregnancy tests after they dry up are not reliable. They can indicate a positive when you are not pregnant. I had that happen to me several years ago when I thought I might be...turns out I wasn't. Usually a week after a missed period, a urine pregnancy test can give an accurate result. If you still think you could be, I would definitely request a blood test. Good luck!
  • The strong positive test was immediate, as well as the two faint dollar store positives. All of the dollar store tests were taken the same day back to back and kept getting lighter each time, and that was the first day of missed period. All the clear blues I dismissed since they were well over the suggest time frame, and were taken over the week along with the first response. Dr’s urine test taken in afternoon at one week missed period mark. All other PT taken first thing in morning. So I’m basically summing it up as one positive, 2 possible positives, and 7 negatives. No blood test ordered yet, still bugging them to get me one. This is such a nightmare not knowing, can’t believe they won’t just order me a test and give me peace of mind!
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  • Yeah that sucks! Pregnancy is already so unnerving you would think docs would know that and try to put women at ease as much as possible!

    I just got a very faint positive FRER this morning after missing my period and I am waiting a few days before taking another. 

    I have been on birth control pill since I had a 13 week missed miscarriage this past August... I am trying to stay calm!
  • Update: results from a blood test taken this morning are negative. We were 50/50 with this scare, so totally fine with the results in either direction. 😉
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