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Gifts for dearest

Do you think all children like stuffed animals? Christmas is coming and you need to come up with gifts for nephews and godchildren
Any ideas?

Re: Gifts for dearest

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    Hi, so i have no idea why I logged in here, but I see your post is new... there is not likely going to be anyone here to respond anymore. This is for people who had a baby in October of 2016... and the group is old and has moved to Facebook or fell apart. There are other more recent groups that should be more active if you really want to ask on this forum. If you have a Facebook account or other social media I'd suggest asking on one of those. 

    Most kids like stuffed animals to a point. If you have toddler kids, id suggest water color paint sets or play-do. 

    Your other question about the dog... id take your kid around another dog and see if he is allergic. If not then i see no reason to believe the kid will develop allergies, but you cannot guarantee it. Some breeds of dogs are supposed to be hypoallergenic, though im not real sure about that
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