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Pregnancy Exercise

So we all know we're supposed to be somewhat active to help us stay healthy during pregnancy. What exercises are you doing? I'm getting back into walking (because I know it's going to be helpful with my back and hip pain), and I have talked with my doctor and have been cleared for a beginner's Barre class with pregnancy modifications (already talked with the instructor and she's familiar with how to mod things for pregnancy). 

Re: Pregnancy Exercise

  • I've been doing my crossfit-style/HIIT program that I was doing before I got pregnant.  I've just dial back the intensity and the weight for most lifts. I'm going to dial it back to more strength training and less HIIT though, probably 2 days strength and 2 days HIIT instead of all HIIT.  
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  • Bode by Lex is an app that has an excellent Baby Barre program!! She gives you full exercise plans to follow and has a beginner level. I use her programs and love them!!
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  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate more exercise. I can’t take walks where I’m living, unfortunately, but I did have a pretty solid Pilates exercise routine before I got pregnant, but totally dropped it when the sickness and fatigue kicked in. Now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m trying to figure out if I can get back into that, but modified of course, I’m just afraid to accidentally be doing something that isn’t pregnancy safe. 
  • Totally fell off the exercise wagon when I got pregnant. I felt too wiped out to workout and the only thing I could manage was 20 minutes of brisk walking. I‘m getting my energy back so I’d like to double my walking time and do a bit of barre and strength training. 
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  • I was training for a half marathon when I found out I was pregnant. That went right out the window. Now i am just trying to go for walks a few days a week, and I do some yardwork. I am clueless about strength training, though.
  • I've been walking, and I want to start weight training again. I was powerlifting before I got pregnant but now I'll just use dumbbells.
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  • I had been doing Body Combat twice weekly and walking 4-5 days a week when I found out I was pregnant. With the way I've felt during first tri, I've been pushing myself just to get to Combat once a week and go on at least one walk per week. Hopefully second tri will allow me to pick things up and getting moving more again.
  • Prior to my BFP I was working out 6 days a week with my husband doing HIIT and weights at home. Now, I can’t even take a walk outside without feeling dizzy and wanting to pass out. So upset that my months of quarantine workouts and progress went down the drain. I was feeling the best I ever have and my low carb/carnivore diet was in point! Pretty sure it was the first time I ever had consistently had my diet and workout down pat at the same time.
  • @annanbby Check with your provider on any restrictions and if you can find someone to take online classes who's worked with pregnancy before, they can show you modifications. 
  • My exercise routine is nothing special but walking either outside or on the treadmill when I wake up. It gives me some time for me before I start my day and the kids wake up. 

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  • As soon as i feel bettwr im going to start off slow with sone leslie sandstone workouts then hopefully work up to some of pamela reif dance workout 
  • OOO dancing, I forget about that one.
  • @kloe818 Pamela has some really fun ones that she calls " Happy Dance" theyre only 15-20 mins long and i loove them. 
  • I haven’t worked out much during the first trimester other then walking and very occasional jogging. Now that I’m feeling better I’m resolving to get back into a walk/jog routine to work back up to 2 miles 2-3 days per week and also incorporate prenatal yoga at home. I did a 30 minute prenatal routine off of YouTube today which was so nice. 

    So far this has been the opposite of my last pregnancy where I went to Barre classes 3x per week up until my due date. I quit the studio in January because I couldn’t make it more then once a week trying to juggle having an infant and working full time. I was running and doing barre at home a lot during the springtime quarantine, so hoping it won’t be too hard to jump back in now. 
  • Gosh, I really hate working out. But I usually force myself because it’s good for you. I haven’t been doing much because I’ve been so incredibly nauseous. However, we are a 1 car family (not uncommon in the U.K.) so I ride my bike everywhere, usually with my toddler in tow. Or I walk everywhere. So at least I have that getting me moving everyday, a few times a day. I did place a bid on an aerobic step on eBay. Hopefully I win. I really love aerobic/stepping class and those kinds of workouts. So I plan on incorporating that and also some more dedicated walking. I really want to be better this pregnancy! I didn’t gain a ton per say with my daughter (around 40 lbs) but I’m really petite and I just looked like a huge stretched out swollen blob towards the end. I also really want to vbac and I know working out helps in your favor. I also plan to buy the spinning babies program to start once I hit 20 weeks. The program is similar to a gentle yoga-ish. With my daughter, I dilated to 10 and was pushing for 2 hours but she wouldn’t descend into my birth canal for some reason. I just want to do everything I can to get that pelvic region nice & open & loose!
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  • I had grand intentions to do the prenatal barre program on Beachbody on Demand, but my SCH has put a damper on that. My OB has said once I've been spotting free for 5-7 days I can start to resume light activity. Let's just say we're on week 3 of brown spotting every time I wipe, so that feels like it will take a minor miracle to achieve. :) 
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